Tournament Winning Decklists

Compilation of  First Place Tournament Winning Decklists:

I will keep this updated as new Netrunner tournament results are released. If you have data on a tournament that I am missing, please let me know!
(We are now only accepting lists from tournaments that have at least 10 people attending the tournament.)

Tournaments with  next to their name have videos of the winning decks in action.

Special Thanks to mplain and Argamas for their help in collecting decklists.

mplain has constructed a very detailed spreadsheet breakdown of all of the Store Championship and Chronos Protocol decks.

Honor and Profit

72Nationals – Finnish38Miska Saari Reina HB: ETF
71GNK – Thunderground Comics10Colin Zimmerman Kate HB: ETF
70GNK – Fanboy315Chris Barnett Gabe Weyland: GRNDL
69GNK – Cologne18ff0X Kate Jinteki: RP
68ST – Dayton, Ohio10Kyle Gordon Reina Weyland: GRNDL
67Regionals – Berlin19Lothar Narins Kate HB: CI
66Regionals – Philadelphia87Dan D'Argenio Andromeda Jinteki: RP
65ST – The Gaming Goat, Schaumburg12Andrew Barrett Andromeda NBN: Making News
64SC – Katowice, Poland18Jakub Pozarski Reina Jinteki: RP
63Regionals – Melbourne50Phillip Chan Noise NBN: Making News
62Regionals – Norway13Christian Aarset Reina HB: CI
61ST – Astonishing Comics and Games15Travis McDaniels Kate HB: ETF
60Regionals – Roseville, MN64Jeremy Zwirn Kate NBN: TWIY
59Regionals – Turin 22Paolo Ranzani Andromeda Weyland: BABW
58 Regionals – Cambridge, MA 67Chris Hinkes Kit Jinteki: PE
57GNK – Leisure Games London, UK 16Tagore Nakornchai Kate HB: ETF
56GNK – Marseille La Crypte du Jeu 10Octave Belaubre Ken HB: ETF
55Regionals – Wrocław 36Michał Rus Gabe Jinteki: RP
54Regionals – Montreal 30Jerome Choi Kate NBN: Making News
53Regionals – Moscow, Russia 20Bogdan Novikov Andromeda NBN: Making News
52Regionals – WI 49Joe Schupp Andromeda HB: ETF
51Regionals – Toronto 59Eric Boivin Andromeda NBN: Making News
50Season 1 – Chronicles Games 12SamRS Andromeda NBN: Making News
49Nationals – France 109Richter Reina Jinteki: RP
48Regionals – Vienna 26Markus Kernic Andromeda NBN: Making News
47ST– Epic Loot 10FoilFlaws Kate HB: ETF
46 Regionals – Durham, NC 201466Jesse Vandover Andromeda NBN: Making News
45Regionals – Seattle 78Joe Held Andromeda Jinteki: RP
44Regionals – Bucharest 10Rares Dragnea Andromeda NBN: TWIY
43Regionals – Spain 29 Kate Jinteki: RP
42Regionals – Adelaide, Australia19Jesse Marshall Kate NBN: Making News
41Regionals – Tulsa, OK 46Sasha F. Andromeda HB: ETF
40Regionals – Poznan, Poland 24Selverin Chaos Theory Jinteki: TI
39Regionals – Sweden 19Y00shi Gabe HB: CI
38Season 1 – Moscow, Russia10Gozik Gabe Weyland: BABW
37Regionals – Toronto 41Jack Sheng Kate NBN: Making News
36Season 1 – Total Escape Games9Tobin Lopes Noise NBN: Making News
35Nationals – Italy 30Luca Ricci Kate Weyland: BABW
34Regionals – Atlanta 52Jesse Vandover Andromeda NBN: Making News
33Regionals – Paris 62Calimsha Kate NBN: TWIY
32Regionals – San Antonio 43Kyle D. Kate NBN: Making News
31Regionals – Louisville69Andrew Barrett Kate HB: CI
30Regionals – UK 70Zach Eaton-Rosen Kate HB: ETF
29Season 1 – OMG Games15 Andromeda Jinteki: RP
28Regionals – Hamburg 20 Andromeda Jinteki: RP
27Nationals – UK InvitationalCerberus Andromeda HB: ETF
26Regionals – Saint Petersburg 16Valentin Sorokin Ken Jinteki: PE
25Hobocon 2014 14Kenneth Savage Chaos Theory NBN: Making News
24ST – Games of Berkeley 16hoobajoo Gabe Weyland: GRNDL
23Regionals – Victoria, Canada23 Andromeda NBN: TWIY
22Regionals – Bielsko-Biala 21Selverin Chaos Theory Jinteki: TI
21Regionals – Toulouse, France19 Kate NBN: Making News
20Regionals – Barcelona 31 Kate HB: ETF
19Regionals – Konstanz, Germany23 Andromeda Weyland: GRNDL
18SC – Monster Comic Lounge 14 Whizzard HB: CI
17Chronos Protocol – Italy24Aldaris Whizzard HB: CI
16Regionals – Johannesburg16Tuism Andromeda Jinteki: TI
15Season 1 - Rotterdam14 Andromeda NBN: Making News
14Regionals – Cardiff 39 Andromeda NBN: Making News
13LC – Gatineau Grid 13 Kate Jinteki: TI
12 Regionals – Colorado 39Steven Wooley Reina NBN: Making News
11Regionals – Torun 20 Andromeda HB: ETF
10Geekway Tournament 12 Andromeda Jinteki: RP
9Regionals – Phoenix, Game Depot 56Jordan Nelson Kate HB: ETF
8SC – Auckland Vagabond 10 Chaos Theory Jinteki: TI
7Regionals – Bangor Northern Ireland20Chris Dodds Iain Stirling Weyland: BABW
6Regionals – Sharq, Kuwait14Ehab Mahran Chaos Theory Jinteki: RP
5Regionals – London, UK42Sam Burdock Andromeda NBN: TWIY
4Regionals – Düsseldorf, Germany39Necro Kate HB: ETF
3Regionals – Portland, OR32Kyle James Andromeda NBN: Making News
2Regionals – Chicago, IL87Rob Wiley Silhouette Jinteki: TI
1LC – GrandLan Spring10Ty Volpo Chaos Theory Weyland: GRNDL

Double Time

73Regionals – Canberra Gabe Jinteki: RP
72Regionals – Lyon, France49 Andromeda HB: ETF
71CP – Good Games, Sydney, Australia30 Gabe NBN: Making News
70CP – Warpig Games, Santiago, Chile19 Andromeda HB: ETF
69CP – Barcelona, Kaburi Sants23Tempestas Chaos Theory Jinteki: RP
68CP – Games Academy Pescara, Italy8 Gabe Weyland: GRNDL
67SC - Marseille La Crypte du Jeu20 Kate NBN: Making News
66SC - Eindhoven, The Netherlands8 Kate Weyland: BABW
65ST - Prague, Czech Republic9 Kit HB: ETF
64CP - Strasbourg, France 24 Andromeda HB: ETF
63CP - Infernal Forge, Barcelona-Spain 22Josep Bordas Kate HB: ETF
62Regionals - Helsinki, Finland 25 Chaos Theory HB: ETF
61CP - Bayonne, France 18 Kate NBN: Making News
60Regionals - Sydney Championship26 Gabe HB: CI
59CP - Sheffield, UK 51 Gabe Jinteki: RP
58 CP - Taipei, Taiwan12 Kate NBN: Making News
57 Taipei Regional Qualifier10 Andromeda Weyland: BABW
56SC - Berlin April Noise Jinteki: RP
55CP - Rayleigh Andromeda NBN: TWIY
54CP - Munich, Germany Andromeda NBN: Making News
53CP - Budapest, Hungary Kate HB: ETF
52CP - Edinburgh, UK Chaos Theory NBN: TWIY
51CP - Manchester, UK Gabe HB: ETF
50CP - Cardiff, UK Andromeda HB: ETF
49CP - Athens, Greece Reina NBN: Making News
48CP - Oslo, Norway18Marius Ødegård Andromeda Jinteki: RP
47CP - Liège, Belgium Whizzard Jinteki: PE
46CP - Hamburg Chaos Theory HB: ETF
45CP - Burjassot, Spain Andromeda NBN: Making News
44CP - Valencia, Spain Kate Weyland: BABW
43CP - Auckland, New Zealand Chaos Theory Weyland: BABW
42CP - Berlin Reina HB: ETF
41CP - Bern Kate HB: CI
40SC - Dortmund, Highlander Games Kate NBN: TWIY
39CP - Katowice, Poland Chaos Theory HB: ETF
38Board Game Revolution Orem, Utah Reina HB: CI
37CP - Vienna, Austria24mirrol Reina NBN: Making News
36CP - Exeter, UK (Clifton Road Games) Reina HB: CI
35CP - Leiden, The Netherlands Reina NBN: Making News
34CP - Kuwait Andromeda HB: CI
33CP - Adelaide, Australia Kate NBN: Making News
32CP - Helsinki, Finland Professor NBN: TWIY
31CP - Karlsruhe Kate NBN: Making News
30 CP - Singapore Kate NBN: Making News
29CP - Dublin, Ireland Kit Weyland: GRNDL
28Season 1 - Armored Gopher Gabe Weyland: BABW
27Season 1 - Epic Loot Andromeda HB: ETF
26SC - Enchanted Grounds Denver, CO 10Matt Dawkins Noise HB: CI
25CP - Moscow, Russia Chaos Theory HB: ETF
24SC - St. Louis, MO Chaos Theory HB: ETF
23SC - Koblenz, Germany Andromeda NBN: TWIY
22SC - Bydgoszcz, Poland Gabe NBN: Making News
21CP - Torun, Poland31Hobb Gabe HB: ETF
20ST - Game Gurus Andromeda HB: ETF
19SC - Tower of Games Kate Jinteki: RP
18SC - Wizards Well Mannheim Reina NBN: Making News
17CP - Bratislava, Slovakia17PeekaySK Chaos Theory HB: CI
16CP - Nürnberg, Germany Andromeda Weyland: GRNDL
15SC - Memphis, TN Reina Jinteki: RP
14SC - Forever Knight Games Andromeda NBN: Making News
13SC - Game Time Exile HB: ETF
12SC - Magnum Opus Kate NBN: Making News
11SC - Six Feet Under Games Gabe NBN: Making News
10SC - The Uncommons Andromeda NBN: Making News
9SC - Halifax, Nova Scotia Andromeda Jinteki: PE
8SC - TN Comix City Too Andromeda NBN: Making News
7SC - Rainy Day Games Reina Jinteki: RP
6SC - Petrie’s Family Games 16Ryan Burke Chaos Theory HB: ETF
5SC - Brookhurst Hobbies Reina HB: ETF
4SC - Dice Age Games Andromeda NBN: Making News
3SC - Wild West Comics Noise NBN: Making News
2SC - Teddy ‘N Me Gabe NBN: Making News
1SC - Wasteland Andromeda HB: ETF

Fear and Loathing

119Chronos Protocol Grenoble, France 2014KateNBN: TWIY
118Chronos Protocol Angers, France 2014Chaos TheoryNBN: Making News
117Chronos Protocol Dortmund 2014KateNBN: Making News
116Comics and Gaming Fairfax VA Store Championship 2014Chaos TheoryWeyland: BABW
115Chronos Protocol CopenhagenAndromedaNBN: Making News
114Chronos Protocol Brisbane, Australia 2014Chaos TheoryNBN: Making News
113Chronos Protocol Eindhoven 2014KitNBN: TWIY
112Chronos Protocol Riga, Latvia 2014WhizzardHB: ETF
111Namur Belgium Store Championship 2014WhizzardJinteki: RP
110Chronos Protocol Antwerpen, Belgium 2014AndromedaJinteki: PE
109 Tulsa, OK Store Championship 2014GabeWeyland: GRNDL
108Playoteket, Sweden Chronos Protocol 2014KateNBN: TWIY
107Modena PLAY Tournament 2014Gabriel SantiagoWeyland: BABW
106Dortmund (Germany) Store Championship 2014ReinaNBN: TWIY
105Chronos Protocol Düsseldorf 2014AndromedaNBN: Making News
104Chronos Protocol, London, UK 2014KateWeyland: GRNDL
103Chronos Protocol Guys That Game Stoke-on-Trent, UK 2014AndromedaHB: ETF
102Chronos Protocol Huddersfield, England 2014NoiseNBN: TWIY
101Chronos Protocol Tour Stockholm 2014AndromedaHB: ETF
100Batalj Store Championship (Örebro, Sweden) 2014AndromedaNBN: Making News
99Shenanigans Taylor, MI SC 2014AndromedaHB: ETF
98Chronos Protocol Paris 2014KateHB: ETF
97Taipei, Taiwan Season One Event Kit Tournament 2014AndromedaWeyland: GRNDL
96Black Lion Games Store Championship 2014AndromedaNBN: TWIY
95Pastimes Store Championship 2014Chaos TheoryHB: ETF
94Saint-Petersburg GNK 2014Chaos TheoryNBN: Making News
93Moscow Portal GNK 2014Chaos TheoryNBN: Making News
92Buchhandlung Morgenwelt Store ChampionshipsKitNBN: Making News
91Aero Hobbies and Games SC 2014ReinaJinteki: RP
90Utrecht Store Championship 2014AndromedaNBN: Making News
89Triple Play Store Championship 2014KateWeyland: BABW
88Szczecin (Poland) SC 2014Chaos TheoryHB: ETF
87Nottingham, England SC 2014Chaos TheoryHB: ETF
86Paladins Place Darmstadt Store ChampionshipExileJinteki: RP
85RIW Hobbies Store Championship 2014NoiseHB: CI
84Tokyo Japan Store Championship 2014AndromedaWeyland: GRNDL
83Card Kingdom Store Championship 2014Gabriel SantiagoNBN: TWIY
82Sci-Fi City, Orlando, FL SC 2014Gabriel SantiagoWeyland: GRNDL
81  Gauntlet Store Championship 2014Gabriel SantiagoWeyland: BABW
80  Manaleak Store Championship 2014AndromedaHB: ETF
79Enchanted Realms 2014 Season One TournamentWhizzardNBN: Making News
78Battlegrounds Games and Hobbies Tournament 2014KateHB: Next Design
77Mothership Books and Games SC 2014AndromedaNBN: TWIY
76Tellurian Games Store Championship 2014Gabriel SantiagoNBN: Making News
75  401 Games Store Championship 2014Gabriel SantiagoWeyland: BABW
74  Realms of Gaming SC 2014Gabriel SantiagoWeyland: BABW
73Pyrkon 2014AndromedaNBN: Making News
72Randolph Pub Store Championship 2014Gabriel SantiagoNBN: Making News
71Boutique FDB Store Championship 2014Gabriel SantiagoNBN: Making News
70Charlottesville, VA SC 2014KateNBN: TWIY
69Pocatello, ID Store Championship 2014NoiseNBN: TWIY
68The Whiz, Westborough, MA SC 2014AndromedaNBN: Making News
67Store Championship Omaha, NE The Game Shoppe 2014AndromedaJinteki: PE
66Faraos Cigarer Copenhagen SC 2014 (#2)KateWeyland: BABW
65Store Championship Vancouver, BC 2014AndromedaJinteki: PE
64Store Championship Munich Germany 2014AndromedaWeyland: GRNDL
63Damage Unlimited Store Championship 2014Chaos TheoryHB: CI
62Denver Central Games Store ChampionshipAndromedaWeyland: BABW
61Madness Games Store Championship 2014Chaos TheoryJinteki: PE
60Helsinki Fantsu SC 2014Gabriel SantiagoHB: ETF
59Action Comics Las Vegas Store Championship 2014AndromedaNBN: TWIY
58Total Escape Store Championship 2014KitJinteki: RP
57GoodGames Melbourne Store Championship 2014NoiseNBN: Making News
56Create&Play Store Championship 2014Chaos TheoryJinteki: PE
55 Common Ground Games Store Championship 2014KateHB: CI
54Interactivity Board Game Cafe SC 2014NoiseWeyland: BABW
53Norwalk, CT SC 2014AndromedaHB: ETF
52Oak Park Gaming Goat SC 2014Gabriel SantiagoJinteki: RP
51The Foundry Store Championship 2014AndromedaNBN: TWIY
50Gamescape North Store Championship 2014Gabriel SantiagoNBN: TWIY
49Dragon’s Lair Store Championship 2014AndromedaHB: ETF
48Bulgaria Netrunner Store Championship 2014Gabriel SantiagoWeyland: BABW
47Patriot Games UK Store Championship 2014AndromedaHB: ETF
46Epic Loot Games Store Championship 2014AndromedaWeyland: BABW
45Dragon’s Keep Store ChampionshipGabriel SantiagoNBN: Making News
44Tower Games Store Championship 2014KitJinteki: PE
43Parker, Banner, Kent & Wayne Comics SC 2014Gabriel SantiagoHB: ETF
42Las Vegas Store Championships 2014KateNBN: TWIY
41Redcap’s Corner SC 2014AndromedaNBN: Making News
40Packrat Comic SC 2014AndromedaWeyland: BABW
39Albany, Zombie Planet SC 2014NoiseWeyland: BABW
38Wizard’s Chest Store ChampionshipChaos TheoryHB: ETF
37Oberonn Store Championship 2014Gabriel SantiagoNBN: TWIY
36GP Indy Store Champs 2014ReinaNBN: Making News
35Neutral Grounds Philippines Store Championship 2014AndromedaWeyland: BABW
34Fat Ogre Games and Comics Store Championship 2014AndromedaNBN: TWIY
33Atomic Goblin Games Store Championship 2014Gabriel SantiagoNBN: TWIY
32Champaign, IL Store Championship 2014Gabriel SantiagoHB: CI
31Phoenix Comics and Games SC 2014KateNBN: Making News
30FFG Store Championship Warsaw Planszostrefa 2014ExileJinteki: RP
29 Empire Games Store Championship 2014AndromedaHB: ETF
28Singapore Store Championships 2014KateHB: ETF
27Fire For Effect Games SC 2014Chaos TheoryHB: ETF
26Haunted Game Cafe Store Championship 2014NoiseWeyland: GRNDL
25Wrocław Store Championship 2014AndromedaNBN: TWIY
24Myriad Games (Salem, NH) Store Championship 2014Chaos TheoryWeyland: BABW
23BD Cosmos Store Championship 2014AndromedaNBN: TWIY
22Game Cafe Store Championship 2014Gabriel SantiagoWeyland: BABW
21 Cloud Cap Games Store Championship 2014AndromedaWeyland: BABW
20Curio Cavern Store Championships 2014Gabriel SantiagoWeyland: GRNDL
19 Roll2Play Store Championship 2014AndromedaWeyland: GRNDL
18Store Championship Clem’s Fort Wayne IN 2014Gabriel SantiagoHB: ETF
17Gryfalia’s Aerie Store Championship 2014Gabriel SantiagoHB: CI
16Lafayette (IN), Sage Store Championship 2014KateWeyland: GRNDL
15Tabletop Game and Hobby 2014 Store ChampionshipKitWeyland: GRNDL
14Copenhagen Store Championship at Faraos Cigarer 2014KateHB: ETF
13Jester’s Playhouse SC 2014KateHB: ETF
12Krakow, Poland, SC 2014Chaos TheoryWeyland: BABW
11Random British Store ChampionshipKitHB: Custom Biotics
10Store Championships in Corpus Christi, Texas 2014ReinaWeyland: BABW
9Athens, GA Store Championship 2014Gabriel SantiagoNBN: TWIY
8 Ray Gun Lounge Store Championship 2014Gabriel SantiagoHB: ETF
7Common Room Games, Bloomington IN SC 2014Gabriel SantiagoWeyland: BABW
6Clockwork Gamer (Dallas, TX) SC 2014AndromedaHB: ETF
5Just By Chance Store Championship 2014AndromedaWeyland: BABW
42014 Season One Tournament in BarrieGabriel SantiagoNBN: TWIY
32014 The Yellow King Store ChampionshipGabriel SantiagoWeyland: GRNDL
2Menomonee Falls, WI – Gamers Universe SC 2014Gabriel SantiagoHB: ETF
1Marietta, GA Store Championship 2014Chaos TheoryNBN: Making News

True Colors

35Store Championship Bratislava, Slovakia 2014NoiseNBN: Making News
34 Ludiworld Store Championship 2014KitNBN: Making News
33Store Championship Fous du Roy 2014NoiseHB: ETF
32Spel i Focus Store Championship 2014Gabriel SantiagoWeyland Consortium: BABW
31Salt Store Spain Tournament 2014KitWeyland Consortium: BABW
30Saint-Petersburg, Russia SC 2014KateNBN: Making News
29Oslo, Norway SC 2014KitNBN: TWIY
28Moscow, Russia Store Championship 2014KateHB: ETF
27Store Championships at Spielkultur 2014AndromedaNBN: Making News
26Den Bosch, De Dobbelsteen Store Championship 2014Gabriel SantiagoNBN: TWIY
25La parada de los monstruos 2014 Store ChampionshipGabriel SantiagoNBN Making News
24Fair Games Store Championship 2014WhizzardNBN: The World is Yours
23Grid Store Championship at Multizone 2014KitWeyland Consortium: BABW
22February 2014 Store Championship in Liege, BelgiumAndromedaWeyland Consortium: BABW
21 Desert Sky Games February 2014AndromedaNBN: The World is Yours
20January 2014 Denver Central Games TournamentKateHB: ETF
19Moscow February Tournament 2014Gabriel SantiagoNBN: The World Is Yours
18Fun4All Michigan Store Championship 2014AndromedaNBN Making News
17Portland Store Championship, Guardian Games 2014Gabriel SantiagoNBN: Making News
16Monroeville, PA Mr. Nice Guy Games Store Championship 2014KitHB: ETF
15Checkmate Store Championship 2014KateHB: ETF
14Hypno Comics Store Championship 2014AndromedaNBN: Making News
13Great Escape Games Store Championship 2014Gabriel SantiagoHB: ETF
12Bluegrass Magic Gameshop Store Championship 2014Chaos TheoryWeyland Consortium: BABW
11Milwaukee, WI – Store Championship 2014Gabriel SantiagoNBN: Making News
10The Haunted Game Cafe, Season Three Tournament Feb 2014KitHB: ETF
9Team Covenant Winter Tournament 2014Reina RojaWeyland Consortium: BABW
8Berkeley Store Championship 2014Gabriel SantiagoWeyland Consortium: BABW
7Cloudcap Games True Colors Netrunner TournamentAndromedaNBN: Making News
6Crossroad Games, Standish Store Championships 2014NoiseHaas-Bioroid: Engineering the Future
5Boonton, NJ Store Championship 2014AndromedaNBN: Making News
4Gamer’s Gauntlet Store Championship 2014KateHB: ETF
3Berkeley 1/26/14 TournamentKitNBN: Making News
2Clockwork Gamer Tournament – January 2014Reina RojaNBN: Making News
1NYC Compleat Strategist – January 2014KateNBN: Making News

Mala Tempora

7Grenoble (France) Store Championship 2014KateHaas-Bioroid: Engineering the Future
6Store Championship Strasbourg 2014The ProfessorNEXT Design
5Enchanted Realms, Season Three Tournament 2013KateWeyland Consortium: BABW
4Denver Central Games, Season Two Tournament 2013WhizzardJinteki: Personal Evolution
3Vancouver Terminal 7 Tournament – Feb 2014KateNBN: The World Is Yours
2JAN PDX Netrunner Tournament – 2014AndromedaHaas-Bioroid: Engineering the Future
1Worcester City Square Arcology Tournament – January 2014KitWeyland Consortium: BABW

Second Thoughts


Opening Moves

33Petrie’s Family Games 2013Gabriel SantiagoHaas-Bioroid: Engineering the Future
32 Worlds 2013AndromedaHaas-Bioroid: Engineering the Future
31PIT – San Antonio, TXAndromedaNBN: Making News
30PIT – Roseville, MNChaos TheoryHaas-Bioroid: Engineering the Future
29PIT – Austin, TXChaos TheoryHaas-Bioroid: Engineering the Future
28PIT – Arlington, TXExileWeyland Consortium: BABW
27PIT – Tulsa, OKAndromedaJinteki: Personal Evolution
26PIT – Duluth, GAAndromedaWeyland Consortium: BABW
25PIT – San Mateo, CAGabriel SantiagoWeyland Consortium: BABW
24PIT – Garden Grove, CAKateHaas-Bioroid: Engineering the Future
23PIT – Pasadena, CAKateNBN: Making News
22PIT – Orlando, FLGabriel SantiagoWeyland Consortium: BABW
21PIT – Las Vegas, NVGabriel SantiagoHaas-Bioroid: Engineering the Future
20PIT – Greenfield, WIAndromedaHaas-Bioroid: Engineering the Future
19PIT – Green Bay, WIAndromedaWeyland Consortium: BABW
18PIT – Middleton, WIAndromedaWeyland Consortium: BWBI
17PIT – Brooklyn, NYGabriel SantiagoWeyland Consortium: BABW
16PIT – Manhattan, NYChaos TheoryNBN: Making News
15PIT – Colorado Springs, COAndromedaWeyland Consortium: BABW
14PIT – Toronto, ONKitWeyland Consortium: BABW
13PIT – Seattle, WAAndromedaNBN: Making News
12PIT – Redmond, WAGabriel SantiagoWeyland Consortium: BABW
11PIT – Aloha, ORAndromedaNBN: Making News
10PIT – West Berlin, NJAndromedaNBN: Making News
9PIT – Northfield, NJWhizzardHaas-Bioroid: Engineering the Future
8PIT – Glen Burnie, MDAndromedaWeyland Consortium: BABW
7PIT – Toronto, ONAndromedaWeyland Consortium: BABW
6PIT – Chicago, ILKateHaas-Bioroid: Engineering the Future
5PIT – Niles, ILExileWeyland Consortium: BABW
4PIT – Cambridge, MAKateWeyland Consortium: BABW
3PIT – Albany, NYNoiseWeyland Consortium: BABW
2PIT – Manchester, NHGabriel SantiagoNBN: The World Is Yours
1Seattle CardKingdom 2013Gabriel SantiagoWeyland Consortium: BABW

Creation and Control

6Manhattan Tournament July 2013AndromedaWeyland Consortium: BABW
5Santa Clara Tournament 2013Gabriel SantiagoWeyland Consortium: BABW
4GENCON Tournament 2013KateJinteki: PE
3Madrid Regionals 2013NoiseWeyland Consortium: BABW
2Spanish Nationals 2013AndromedaHB: ETF
1German Nationals 2013KateWeyland Consortium: BABW

Future Proof

20PAX Prime Tournament 2013Gabriel SantiagoHB: ETF
19Polish Nationals 2013AndromedaHB: ETF
18German Regionals 2013Gabriel SantiagoWeyland Consortium: BABW
17Nürnberg Test Run Tournament 2013AndromedaHB: ETF
16Vancouver Terminal7 Tournament 2013NoiseNBN: Making News
15Tulsa Regionals 2013Gabriel SantiagoJinteki: Personal Evolution
14Munich Tournament July 2013Gabriel SantiagoHB: ETF
13Oslo Regionals 2013AndromedaWeyland Consortium: BABW
12Portland Regionals 2013Gabriel SantiagoHB: ETF
11Italian Regionals 2013Gabriel SantiagoHB: ETF
10Seattle Regionals 2013Gabriel SantiagoHB: ETF
9Schaumburg, Illinois Regionals 2013Chaos TheoryHB: ETF
8Savannah, GA Tournament 2013AndromedaNBN: TWIY
7New York Regionals 2013Gabriel SantiagoWeyland Consortium: BABW
6Lafayette, Indiana June 2013Gabriel SantiagoWeyland Consortium: BABW
5Vancouver, BC Regionals 2013AndromedaHB: ETF
4Philadelphia Regionals 2013NoiseHB: ETF
3Cary, NC Regionals 2013Gabriel SantiagoJinteki: Personal Evolution
2Maryland Regionals 2013AndromedaWeyland Consortium: BABW
1FFG HQ Regionals 2013Gabriel SantiagoWeyland Consortium: BABW

Humanity’s Shadow

10SF Regionals 2013KateHB: ETF
9Manhattan Tournament 2013Gabriel SantiagoWeyland Consortium: BABW
8Singapore Regionals 2013Gabriel SantiagoHB: ETF
7Plano, Tx Regionals 2013Chaos TheoryJinteki: Personal Evolution
6Seattle Tournament May 2013Gabriel SantiagoHB: ETF
5Atlanta Regionals 2013AndromedaHB: ETF
4Dayton Regionals 2013AndromedaHB: ETF
3Laval Quebec Regionals 2013AndromedaHB: ETF
2Austin Tx Dragon’s Lair Regional 2013WhizzardHB: ETF
1Durham, North Carolina Regionals 2013Gabriel SantiagoHB: ETF

A Study In Static

17UK Regionals 2013NoiseHB: ETF
16UK Nationals 2013Gabriel SantiagoHB: ETF
15London Regionals 2013Gabriel SantiagoHB: ETF
14French Regionals 2013NoiseWeyland Consortium: BABW
13Swedish Nationals 2013NoiseWeyland Consortium: BABW
12Montréal Québec Regionals 2013NoiseHB: ETF
11Austin, TX Regionals 2013NoiseWeyland Consortium: BABW
10Santa Clara Regionals 2013Gabriel SantiagoHB: ETF
9Portland Tournament April 2013NoiseHB: ETF
8Coppell, TX Regionals 2013NoiseHB: ETF
7Phoenix Regionals 2013Chaos TheoryHB: ETF
6Newington, CT Regionals 2013Gabriel SantiagoWeyland Consortium: BABW
5Independence, MO Regionals 2013Gabriel SantiagoWeyland Consortium: BABW
4Cincinnati, OH Regionals 2013Gabriel SantiagoWeyland Consortium: BABW
3Livonia, MI Regionals 2013Chaos TheoryNBN: Making News
2Chicago Regionals 2013Gabriel SantiagoJinteki: Replicating Perfection
1New York Tournament April 2013NoiseNBN: Making News

Cyber Exodus

4Modena PLAY TournamentMario Testa Gabe NBN: Making News
3Regionals - Colorado12Ryan Burke Gabe NBN: Making News
2ST - New YorkSeth Chaos Theory HB: ETF
1ST - Coppell, TX Gabe HB: ETF

Trace Amount

4OCTGN Tournament # 2Gabriel SantiagoWeyland Consortium: BABW
3LisboaCon Tournament 2013NoiseNBN: Making News
2Strategicon 2013KateNBN: Making News
1Games Academy, Reggio Emilia Tournament 2013Gabriel SantiagoWeyland Consortium: BABW

What Lies Ahead


Core Set

3OCTGN Tournament #164Malefact Gabe HB: ETF
2FFG Worlds 201241Jeremy Zwirn Gabe Weyland: BABW
1GenCon Icebreaker Tournament56David Kempe Kate Jinteki: PE

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