Tournament Winning Decklists

Compilation of  First Place Tournament Winning Decklists:

This page is updated as new Netrunner tournament results are released. If you have data on a tournament that we are missing, please post it in our forums.
(Special thanks to ff0X for his help.)

All That Remains

17GNK – Mr. Nice Guy Games – Monroeville, PAbblum Andromedajinteki-pe-icon Jinteki: PE
16Redcap’s Corner – Philadelphia22mediohxcorekate-icon Katejinteki-pe-icon Jinteki: PE
15Epic Loot Cards and Games15Corwin Brindley Andromedahb-etf-icon HB: ETF
14Pionek Games Convention, Gliwice12hsiale AndromedaiconNEH NBN: NEH
13Lerlew Connection games and comics10Brody Lodmellicon-leela-patel Leelaicon-jinteki-rp Jinteki: RP
12GNK – London, UK46tomdidiotkate-icon Kateicon-blue-sun Weyland: BS
11GNK – Brighton, UK14tomdidiotkate-icon Kateicon-weyland-consortium-babw Weyland: BABW
10GNK – Nicolaus Tournament – Wizards Well10Vexticon-reina-roja Reinajinteki-pe-icon Jinteki: PE
9401 Games Tournament – Toronto, ON, Canada26Dien Tran GabeiconNEH NBN: NEH
8GameZilla – Moncton NB, Canada11Kiv Noise Jinteki: PE
7The Adventurer’s Guild10Steve Houstonkate-icon KateiconNEH NBN: NEH
6GNK – Comic Hunter11Kivnoise-icon Noiseicon-blue-sun Weyland: BS
5GNK – Hiveworld – Cologne, Germany10ff0x AndromedaiconNEH NBN: NEH
4GNK – The Appraisery – Cubao Phils21jejejaykiekate-icon Kateicon-blue-sun Weyland: BS
3GNK – Black Kat Games12Matuszczak Andromedaicon-blue-sun Weyland: BS
2GNK – Petrie’s Family Games10Martin Borquez Gabeicon-blue-sun Weyland: BS
1GNK – Haunted Game Cafe15Matt Dawkins Andromeda Jinteki: RP

Up and Over

6World Championships – 2014238mediohxcore Andromeda Jinteki: RP
5GNK – Würfelkiste – Aachen, Germany11JackMade AndromedaiconNEH NBN: NEH
4GNK – Wizards Well – Mannheim, Germany24Ricardo. R GabeiconNEH NBN: NEH
3Hall of Games – Wrocław20pAblO KateiconNEH NBN: NEH
2GNK – Dongmen Caca City – Taipei, Taiwan10Dave Cheng Noise Jinteki: RP
1GNK – Troy, IL13Jamie Phillips AndromedaiconNEH NBN: NEH

First Contact

1Gamersaurus Rex – Singapore12Claudia Rivera Kate NBN: Making News

The Spaces Between

14PAX Prime – 201444Ian Hall Kate NBN: NEH
13ST – Trilogy Games, Calgary10Jack Keys Kate Jinteki: PE
12GNK – The Board Room Game Cafe13Rob B Gabe HB: ETF
11ST – Lawrence, KS19Sam L Noise HB: ETF
10GNK – Aachen, Germany11ff0X Andromeda Jinteki: RP
9Nationals – Polish51Selverin Chaos Theory Jinteki: TI
8ST – Epic Loot Games & Comics12FoilFlaws Gabe HB: ETF
7ST – Chaos, Games and More10Matt Dawkins Noise NBN: NEH
6ST – Denver Central Games16Elliott Hedman Andromeda Jinteki: RP
5Nationals – Germany85Axul Noise Jinteki: PE
4GNK – Cloud Cap Games18Robert Brown Noise HB: CI
3League Night – Mead Hall Games16Jeff Schoenberg Chaos Theory Jinteki: RP
2GNK – Astonishing Comics and Games10Corwin Brindley Chaos Theory NBN: NEH
1Championship – Euregio24ff0x Kate Jinteki: RP


11GNK Season 2 – Saint-Petersburg, Russia10Stas Selin Whizzard NBN: NEH
10Regionals – Verona, Italy33Enrico Ambrosi Andromeda NBN: NEH
9ST – Santa Monica18mrroach Kate NBN: NEH
8ST – Moscow, Russia17Anton Rogozin Whizzard HB: ST
7Season 1 – Petrie’s Family Games13Matt Dawkins Whizzard HB: CI
6GNK – Gamer’s World Dublin, Ireland16Mike Shikle Gabe HB: ETF
5Nationals – United States256Benoit Gascon Kate NBN: NEH
4Nationals – Canada60El-ad David Amir Andromeda NBN: NEH
3GNK – Ottawa13Alex Bradley Kate Jinteki: RP
2ST – Málaga, Spain15Juan Casado Gabe NBN: NEH
1GNK – Terminal Seven Vancouver28Brody Lodmell Andromeda Jinteki: RP

Honor and Profit

77 Regionals – Perth22Daniel Rodericks Andromeda NBN: Making News
76Regionals – Auckland, New Zealand11William Turner Chaos Theory NBN: Making News
75Season 2 – Saint-Petersburg11Alexey Ermolaev Kate NBN: Making News
74Regionals – Philippines32Dale Quimpo Andromeda NBN: Making News
73Season 2 – Moscow, Russia16Egor Popov Ken Jinteki: PE
72ST – Wizard’s Chest12Kevin Sylves Kit NBN: TWIY
71Nationals – Finnish38Miska Saari Reina HB: ETF
70GNK – Thunderground Comics10Colin Zimmerman Kate HB: ETF
69GNK – Fanboy315Chris Barnett Gabe Weyland: GRNDL
68GNK – Cologne18ff0X Kate Jinteki: RP
67ST – Dayton, Ohio10Kyle Gordon Reina Weyland: GRNDL
66Regionals – Berlin19Lothar Narins Kate HB: CI
65Regionals – Philadelphia87Dan D'Argenio Andromeda Jinteki: RP
64ST – The Gaming Goat, Schaumburg12Andrew Barrett Andromeda NBN: Making News
63SC – Katowice, Poland18Jakub Pozarski Reina Jinteki: RP
62Regionals – Melbourne50Phillip Chan Noise NBN: Making News
61Regionals – Norway13Christian Aarset Reina HB: CI
60ST – Astonishing Comics and Games15Travis McDaniels Kate HB: ETF
59Regionals – Roseville, MN64Jeremy Zwirn Kate NBN: TWIY
58Regionals – Turin 22Paolo Ranzani Andromeda Weyland: BABW
57 Regionals – Cambridge, MA 67Chris Hinkes Kit Jinteki: PE
56GNK – Leisure Games London, UK 16Tagore Nakornchai Kate HB: ETF
55GNK – Marseille La Crypte du Jeu 10Octave Belaubre Ken HB: ETF
54Regionals – Wrocław 36Michał Rus Gabe Jinteki: RP
53Regionals – Montreal 30Jerome Choi Kate NBN: Making News
52Regionals – Moscow, Russia 20Bogdan Novikov Andromeda NBN: Making News
51Regionals – WI 49Joe Schupp Andromeda HB: ETF
50Regionals – Toronto 59Eric Boivin Andromeda NBN: Making News
49Season 1 – Chronicles Games 12SamRS Andromeda NBN: Making News
48Nationals – France 109Richter Reina Jinteki: RP
47Regionals – Vienna 26Markus Kernic Andromeda NBN: Making News
46ST– Epic Loot 10FoilFlaws Kate HB: ETF
45 Regionals – Durham, NC 201466Jesse Vandover Andromeda NBN: Making News
44Regionals – Seattle 78Joe Held Andromeda Jinteki: RP
43Regionals – Bucharest 10Rares Dragnea Andromeda NBN: TWIY
42Regionals – Spain 29 Kate Jinteki: RP
41Regionals – Adelaide, Australia19Jesse Marshall Kate NBN: Making News
40Regionals – Tulsa, OK 46Sasha F. Andromeda HB: ETF
39Regionals – Poznan, Poland 24Selverin Chaos Theory Jinteki: TI
38Regionals – Sweden 19Y00shi Gabe HB: CI
37Season 1 – Moscow, Russia10Gozik Gabe Weyland: BABW
36Regionals – Toronto 41Jack Sheng Kate NBN: Making News
35Nationals – Italy 30Luca Ricci Kate Weyland: BABW
34Regionals – Atlanta 52Jesse Vandover Andromeda NBN: Making News
33Regionals – Paris 62Calimsha Kate NBN: TWIY
32Regionals – San Antonio 43Kyle D. Kate NBN: Making News
31Regionals – Louisville69Andrew Barrett Kate HB: CI
30Regionals – UK 70Zach Eaton-Rosen Kate HB: ETF
29Season 1 – OMG Games15 Andromeda Jinteki: RP
28Regionals – Hamburg 20 Andromeda Jinteki: RP
27Nationals – UK InvitationalCerberus Andromeda HB: ETF
26Regionals – Saint Petersburg 16Valentin Sorokin Ken Jinteki: PE
25Hobocon 2014 14Kenneth Savage Chaos Theory NBN: Making News
24ST – Games of Berkeley 16hoobajoo Gabe Weyland: GRNDL
23Regionals – Victoria, Canada23Brody Lodmell Andromeda NBN: TWIY
22Regionals – Bielsko-Biala 21Selverin Chaos Theory Jinteki: TI
21Regionals – Toulouse, France19 Kate NBN: Making News
20Regionals – Barcelona 31 Kate HB: ETF
19Regionals – Konstanz, Germany23 Andromeda Weyland: GRNDL
18SC – Monster Comic Lounge 14Rob B Whizzard HB: CI
17Chronos Protocol – Italy24Aldaris Whizzard HB: CI
16Regionals – Johannesburg16Tuism Andromeda Jinteki: TI
15Season 1 - Rotterdam14 Andromeda NBN: Making News
14Regionals – Cardiff 39 Andromeda NBN: Making News
13LC – Gatineau Grid 13Alex Bradley Kate Jinteki: TI
12 Regionals – Colorado 39Steven Wooley Reina NBN: Making News
11Regionals – Torun 20 Andromeda HB: ETF
10Geekway Tournament 12 Andromeda Jinteki: RP
9Regionals – Phoenix, Game Depot 56Jordan Nelson Kate HB: ETF
8SC – Auckland Vagabond 10 Chaos Theory Jinteki: TI
7Regionals – Bangor Northern Ireland20Chris Dodds Iain Stirling Weyland: BABW
6Regionals – Sharq, Kuwait14Ehab Mahran Chaos Theory Jinteki: RP
5Regionals – London, UK42Sam Burdock Andromeda NBN: TWIY
4Regionals – Düsseldorf, Germany39Necro Kate HB: ETF
3Regionals – Portland, OR32Kyle James Andromeda NBN: Making News
2Regionals – Chicago, IL87Rob Wiley Silhouette Jinteki: TI
1LC – GrandLan Spring10Ty Volpo Chaos Theory Weyland: GRNDL

Double Time

73Regionals – Canberra Gabe Jinteki: RP
72Regionals – Lyon, France49 Andromeda HB: ETF
71CP – Good Games, Sydney, Australia30 Gabe NBN: Making News
70CP – Warpig Games, Santiago, Chile19 Andromeda HB: ETF
69CP – Barcelona, Kaburi Sants23Tempestas Chaos Theory Jinteki: RP
68CP – Games Academy Pescara, Italy8 Gabe Weyland: GRNDL
67SC - Marseille La Crypte du Jeu20 Kate NBN: Making News
66SC - Eindhoven, The Netherlands8 Kate Weyland: BABW
65ST - Prague, Czech Republic9 Kit HB: ETF
64CP - Strasbourg, France 24 Andromeda HB: ETF
63CP - Infernal Forge, Barcelona-Spain 22Josep Bordas Kate HB: ETF
62Regionals - Helsinki, Finland 25 Chaos Theory HB: ETF
61CP - Bayonne, France 18 Kate NBN: Making News
60Regionals - Sydney Championship26 Gabe HB: CI
59CP - Sheffield, UK 51 Gabe Jinteki: RP
58 CP - Taipei, Taiwan12 Kate NBN: Making News
57 Taipei Regional Qualifier10 Andromeda Weyland: BABW
56SC - Berlin April Noise Jinteki: RP
55CP - Rayleigh Andromeda NBN: TWIY
54CP - Munich, Germany Andromeda NBN: Making News
53CP - Budapest, Hungary Kate HB: ETF
52CP - Edinburgh, UK Chaos Theory NBN: TWIY
51CP - Manchester, UK Gabe HB: ETF
50CP - Cardiff, UK Andromeda HB: ETF
49CP - Athens, Greece Reina NBN: Making News
48CP - Oslo, Norway18Marius Ødegård Andromeda Jinteki: RP
47CP - Liège, Belgium Whizzard Jinteki: PE
46CP - Hamburg Chaos Theory HB: ETF
45CP - Burjassot, Spain Andromeda NBN: Making News
44CP - Valencia, Spain Kate Weyland: BABW
43CP - Auckland, New Zealand Chaos Theory Weyland: BABW
42CP - Berlin Reina HB: ETF
41CP - Bern Kate HB: CI
40SC - Dortmund, Highlander Games Kate NBN: TWIY
39CP - Katowice, Poland Chaos Theory HB: ETF
38Board Game Revolution Orem, Utah Reina HB: CI
37CP - Vienna, Austria24mirrol Reina NBN: Making News
36CP - Exeter, UK (Clifton Road Games) Reina HB: CI
35CP - Leiden, The Netherlands Reina NBN: Making News
34CP - Kuwait Andromeda HB: CI
33CP - Adelaide, Australia Kate NBN: Making News
32CP - Helsinki, Finland Professor NBN: TWIY
31CP - Karlsruhe Kate NBN: Making News
30 CP - Singapore Kate NBN: Making News
29CP - Dublin, Ireland Kit Weyland: GRNDL
28Season 1 - Armored Gopher Gabe Weyland: BABW
27Season 1 - Epic Loot Andromeda HB: ETF
26SC - Enchanted Grounds Denver, CO 10Matt Dawkins Noise HB: CI
25CP - Moscow, Russia Chaos Theory HB: ETF
24SC - St. Louis, MO Chaos Theory HB: ETF
23SC - Koblenz, Germany Andromeda NBN: TWIY
22SC - Bydgoszcz, Poland Gabe NBN: Making News
21CP - Torun, Poland31Hobb Gabe HB: ETF
20ST - Game Gurus Andromeda HB: ETF
19SC - Tower of Games Kate Jinteki: RP
18SC - Wizards Well Mannheim Reina NBN: Making News
17CP - Bratislava, Slovakia17PeekaySK Chaos Theory HB: CI
16CP - Nürnberg, Germany Andromeda Weyland: GRNDL
15SC - Memphis, TN Reina Jinteki: RP
14SC - Forever Knight Games Andromeda NBN: Making News
13SC - Game Time Exile HB: ETF
12SC - Magnum Opus Kate NBN: Making News
11SC - Six Feet Under Games Gabe NBN: Making News
10SC - The Uncommons Andromeda NBN: Making News
9SC - Halifax, Nova ScotiaKiv Andromeda Jinteki: PE
8SC - TN Comix City Too Andromeda NBN: Making News
7SC - Rainy Day Games Reina Jinteki: RP
6SC - Petrie’s Family Games 16Ryan Burke Chaos Theory HB: ETF
5SC - Brookhurst Hobbies Reina HB: ETF
4SC - Dice Age Games Andromeda NBN: Making News
3SC - Wild West Comics Noise NBN: Making News
2SC - Teddy ‘N Me Gabe NBN: Making News
1SC - Wasteland Andromeda HB: ETF

Fear and Loathing

119Chronos Protocol Grenoble, France 2014KateNBN: TWIY
118Chronos Protocol Angers, France 2014Chaos TheoryNBN: Making News
117Chronos Protocol Dortmund 2014KateNBN: Making News
116Comics and Gaming Fairfax VA Store Championship 2014Chaos TheoryWeyland: BABW
115Chronos Protocol CopenhagenAndromedaNBN: Making News
114Chronos Protocol Brisbane, Australia 2014Chaos TheoryNBN: Making News
113Chronos Protocol Eindhoven 2014KitNBN: TWIY
112Chronos Protocol Riga, Latvia 2014WhizzardHB: ETF
111Namur Belgium Store Championship 2014WhizzardJinteki: RP
110Chronos Protocol Antwerpen, Belgium 2014AndromedaJinteki: PE
109 Tulsa, OK Store Championship 2014GabeWeyland: GRNDL
108Playoteket, Sweden Chronos Protocol 2014KateNBN: TWIY
107Modena PLAY Tournament 2014Gabriel SantiagoWeyland: BABW
106Dortmund (Germany) Store Championship 2014ReinaNBN: TWIY
105Chronos Protocol Düsseldorf 2014AndromedaNBN: Making News
104Chronos Protocol, London, UK 2014KateWeyland: GRNDL
103Chronos Protocol Guys That Game Stoke-on-Trent, UK 2014AndromedaHB: ETF
102Chronos Protocol Huddersfield, England 2014NoiseNBN: TWIY
101Chronos Protocol Tour Stockholm 2014AndromedaHB: ETF
100Batalj Store Championship (Örebro, Sweden) 2014AndromedaNBN: Making News
99Shenanigans Taylor, MI SC 2014AndromedaHB: ETF
98Chronos Protocol Paris 2014KateHB: ETF
97Taipei, Taiwan Season One Event Kit Tournament 2014AndromedaWeyland: GRNDL
96Black Lion Games Store Championship 2014AndromedaNBN: TWIY
95Pastimes Store Championship 2014Chaos TheoryHB: ETF
94Saint-Petersburg GNK 2014Chaos TheoryNBN: Making News
93Moscow Portal GNK 2014Chaos TheoryNBN: Making News
92Buchhandlung Morgenwelt Store ChampionshipsKitNBN: Making News
91Aero Hobbies and Games SC 2014ReinaJinteki: RP
90Utrecht Store Championship 2014AndromedaNBN: Making News
89Triple Play Store Championship 2014KateWeyland: BABW
88Szczecin (Poland) SC 2014Chaos TheoryHB: ETF
87Nottingham, England SC 2014Chaos TheoryHB: ETF
86Paladins Place Darmstadt Store ChampionshipExileJinteki: RP
85RIW Hobbies Store Championship 2014NoiseHB: CI
84Tokyo Japan Store Championship 2014AndromedaWeyland: GRNDL
83Card Kingdom Store Championship 2014Gabriel SantiagoNBN: TWIY
82Sci-Fi City, Orlando, FL SC 2014Gabriel SantiagoWeyland: GRNDL
81  Gauntlet Store Championship 2014Gabriel SantiagoWeyland: BABW
80  Manaleak Store Championship 2014AndromedaHB: ETF
79Enchanted Realms 2014 Season One TournamentWhizzardNBN: Making News
78Battlegrounds Games and Hobbies Tournament 2014KateHB: Next Design
77Mothership Books and Games SC 2014AndromedaNBN: TWIY
76Tellurian Games Store Championship 2014Gabriel SantiagoNBN: Making News
75  401 Games Store Championship 2014Gabriel SantiagoWeyland: BABW
74  Realms of Gaming SC 2014Gabriel SantiagoWeyland: BABW
73Pyrkon 2014AndromedaNBN: Making News
72Randolph Pub Store Championship 2014Gabriel SantiagoNBN: Making News
71Boutique FDB Store Championship 2014Gabriel SantiagoNBN: Making News
70Charlottesville, VA SC 2014KateNBN: TWIY
69Pocatello, ID Store Championship 2014NoiseNBN: TWIY
68The Whiz, Westborough, MA SC 2014AndromedaNBN: Making News
67Store Championship Omaha, NE The Game Shoppe 2014AndromedaJinteki: PE
66Faraos Cigarer Copenhagen SC 2014 (#2)KateWeyland: BABW
65Store Championship Vancouver, BC 2014AndromedaJinteki: PE
64Store Championship Munich Germany 2014AndromedaWeyland: GRNDL
63Damage Unlimited Store Championship 2014Chaos TheoryHB: CI
62Denver Central Games Store ChampionshipAndromedaWeyland: BABW
61Madness Games Store Championship 2014Chaos TheoryJinteki: PE
60Helsinki Fantsu SC 2014Gabriel SantiagoHB: ETF
59Action Comics Las Vegas Store Championship 2014AndromedaNBN: TWIY
58Total Escape Store Championship 2014KitJinteki: RP
57GoodGames Melbourne Store Championship 2014NoiseNBN: Making News
56Create&Play Store Championship 2014Chaos TheoryJinteki: PE
55 Common Ground Games Store Championship 2014KateHB: CI
54Interactivity Board Game Cafe SC 2014NoiseWeyland: BABW
53Norwalk, CT SC 2014AndromedaHB: ETF
52Oak Park Gaming Goat SC 2014Gabriel SantiagoJinteki: RP
51The Foundry Store Championship 2014AndromedaNBN: TWIY
50Gamescape North Store Championship 2014Gabriel SantiagoNBN: TWIY
49Dragon’s Lair Store Championship 2014AndromedaHB: ETF
48Bulgaria Netrunner Store Championship 2014Gabriel SantiagoWeyland: BABW
47Patriot Games UK Store Championship 2014AndromedaHB: ETF
46Epic Loot Games Store Championship 2014AndromedaWeyland: BABW
45Dragon’s Keep Store ChampionshipGabriel SantiagoNBN: Making News
44Tower Games Store Championship 2014KitJinteki: PE
43Parker, Banner, Kent & Wayne Comics SC 2014Gabriel SantiagoHB: ETF
42Las Vegas Store Championships 2014KateNBN: TWIY
41Redcap’s Corner SC 2014AndromedaNBN: Making News
40Packrat Comic SC 2014AndromedaWeyland: BABW
39Albany, Zombie Planet SC 2014NoiseWeyland: BABW
38Wizard’s Chest Store ChampionshipChaos TheoryHB: ETF
37Oberonn Store Championship 2014Gabriel SantiagoNBN: TWIY
36GP Indy Store Champs 2014ReinaNBN: Making News
35Neutral Grounds Philippines Store Championship 2014AndromedaWeyland: BABW
34Fat Ogre Games and Comics Store Championship 2014AndromedaNBN: TWIY
33Atomic Goblin Games Store Championship 2014Gabriel SantiagoNBN: TWIY
32Champaign, IL Store Championship 2014Gabriel SantiagoHB: CI
31Phoenix Comics and Games SC 2014KateNBN: Making News
30FFG Store Championship Warsaw Planszostrefa 2014ExileJinteki: RP
29 Empire Games Store Championship 2014AndromedaHB: ETF
28Singapore Store Championships 2014KateHB: ETF
27Fire For Effect Games SC 2014Chaos TheoryHB: ETF
26Haunted Game Cafe Store Championship 2014NoiseWeyland: GRNDL
25Wrocław Store Championship 2014AndromedaNBN: TWIY
24Myriad Games (Salem, NH) Store Championship 2014Chaos TheoryWeyland: BABW
23BD Cosmos Store Championship 2014AndromedaNBN: TWIY
22Game Cafe Store Championship 2014Gabriel SantiagoWeyland: BABW
21 Cloud Cap Games Store Championship 2014AndromedaWeyland: BABW
20Curio Cavern Store Championships 2014Gabriel SantiagoWeyland: GRNDL
19 Roll2Play Store Championship 2014AndromedaWeyland: GRNDL
18Store Championship Clem’s Fort Wayne IN 2014Gabriel SantiagoHB: ETF
17Gryfalia’s Aerie Store Championship 2014Gabriel SantiagoHB: CI
16Lafayette (IN), Sage Store Championship 2014KateWeyland: GRNDL
15Tabletop Game and Hobby 2014 Store ChampionshipKitWeyland: GRNDL
14Copenhagen Store Championship at Faraos Cigarer 2014KateHB: ETF
13Jester’s Playhouse SC 2014KateHB: ETF
12Krakow, Poland, SC 2014Chaos TheoryWeyland: BABW
11Random British Store ChampionshipKitHB: Custom Biotics
10Store Championships in Corpus Christi, Texas 2014ReinaWeyland: BABW
9Athens, GA Store Championship 2014Gabriel SantiagoNBN: TWIY
8 Ray Gun Lounge Store Championship 2014Gabriel SantiagoHB: ETF
7Common Room Games, Bloomington IN SC 2014Gabriel SantiagoWeyland: BABW
6Clockwork Gamer (Dallas, TX) SC 2014AndromedaHB: ETF
5Just By Chance Store Championship 2014AndromedaWeyland: BABW
42014 Season One Tournament in BarrieGabriel SantiagoNBN: TWIY
32014 The Yellow King Store ChampionshipGabriel SantiagoWeyland: GRNDL
2Menomonee Falls, WI – Gamers Universe SC 2014Gabriel SantiagoHB: ETF
1Marietta, GA Store Championship 2014Chaos TheoryNBN: Making News

True Colors

35Store Championship Bratislava, Slovakia 2014NoiseNBN: Making News
34 Ludiworld Store Championship 2014KitNBN: Making News
33Store Championship Fous du Roy 2014NoiseHB: ETF
32Spel i Focus Store Championship 2014Gabriel SantiagoWeyland Consortium: BABW
31Salt Store Spain Tournament 2014KitWeyland Consortium: BABW
30Saint-Petersburg, Russia SC 2014KateNBN: Making News
29Oslo, Norway SC 2014KitNBN: TWIY
28Moscow, Russia Store Championship 2014KateHB: ETF
27Store Championships at Spielkultur 2014AndromedaNBN: Making News
26Den Bosch, De Dobbelsteen Store Championship 2014Gabriel SantiagoNBN: TWIY
25La parada de los monstruos 2014 Store ChampionshipGabriel SantiagoNBN Making News
24Fair Games Store Championship 2014WhizzardNBN: The World is Yours
23Grid Store Championship at Multizone 2014KitWeyland Consortium: BABW
22February 2014 Store Championship in Liege, BelgiumAndromedaWeyland Consortium: BABW
21 Desert Sky Games February 2014AndromedaNBN: The World is Yours
20January 2014 Denver Central Games TournamentKateHB: ETF
19Moscow February Tournament 2014Gabriel SantiagoNBN: The World Is Yours
18Fun4All Michigan Store Championship 2014AndromedaNBN Making News
17Portland Store Championship, Guardian Games 2014Gabriel SantiagoNBN: Making News
16Monroeville, PA Mr. Nice Guy Games Store Championship 2014KitHB: ETF
15Checkmate Store Championship 2014KateHB: ETF
14Hypno Comics Store Championship 2014AndromedaNBN: Making News
13Great Escape Games Store Championship 2014Gabriel SantiagoHB: ETF
12Bluegrass Magic Gameshop Store Championship 2014Chaos TheoryWeyland Consortium: BABW
11Milwaukee, WI – Store Championship 2014Gabriel SantiagoNBN: Making News
10The Haunted Game Cafe, Season Three Tournament Feb 2014KitHB: ETF
9Team Covenant Winter Tournament 2014Reina RojaWeyland Consortium: BABW
8Berkeley Store Championship 2014Gabriel SantiagoWeyland Consortium: BABW
7Cloudcap Games True Colors Netrunner TournamentAndromedaNBN: Making News
6Crossroad Games, Standish Store Championships 2014NoiseHaas-Bioroid: Engineering the Future
5Boonton, NJ Store Championship 2014AndromedaNBN: Making News
4Gamer’s Gauntlet Store Championship 2014KateHB: ETF
3Berkeley 1/26/14 TournamentKitNBN: Making News
2Clockwork Gamer Tournament – January 2014Reina RojaNBN: Making News
1NYC Compleat Strategist – January 2014KateNBN: Making News

Mala Tempora

7Grenoble (France) Store Championship 2014KateHaas-Bioroid: Engineering the Future
6Store Championship Strasbourg 2014The ProfessorNEXT Design
5Enchanted Realms, Season Three Tournament 2013KateWeyland Consortium: BABW
4Denver Central Games, Season Two Tournament 2013WhizzardJinteki: Personal Evolution
3Vancouver Terminal 7 Tournament – Feb 2014KateNBN: The World Is Yours
2JAN PDX Netrunner Tournament – 2014AndromedaHaas-Bioroid: Engineering the Future
1Worcester City Square Arcology Tournament – January 2014KitWeyland Consortium: BABW

Second Thoughts


Opening Moves

33Petrie’s Family Games 2013Gabriel SantiagoHaas-Bioroid: Engineering the Future
32 Worlds 2013AndromedaHaas-Bioroid: Engineering the Future
31PIT – San Antonio, TXAndromedaNBN: Making News
30PIT – Roseville, MNChaos TheoryHaas-Bioroid: Engineering the Future
29PIT – Austin, TXChaos TheoryHaas-Bioroid: Engineering the Future
28PIT – Arlington, TXExileWeyland Consortium: BABW
27PIT – Tulsa, OKAndromedaJinteki: Personal Evolution
26PIT – Duluth, GAAndromedaWeyland Consortium: BABW
25PIT – San Mateo, CAGabriel SantiagoWeyland Consortium: BABW
24PIT – Garden Grove, CAKateHaas-Bioroid: Engineering the Future
23PIT – Pasadena, CAKateNBN: Making News
22PIT – Orlando, FLGabriel SantiagoWeyland Consortium: BABW
21PIT – Las Vegas, NVGabriel SantiagoHaas-Bioroid: Engineering the Future
20PIT – Greenfield, WIAndromedaHaas-Bioroid: Engineering the Future
19PIT – Green Bay, WIAndromedaWeyland Consortium: BABW
18PIT – Middleton, WIAndromedaWeyland Consortium: BWBI
17PIT – Brooklyn, NYGabriel SantiagoWeyland Consortium: BABW
16PIT – Manhattan, NYChaos TheoryNBN: Making News
15PIT – Colorado Springs, COAndromedaWeyland Consortium: BABW
14PIT – Toronto, ONKitWeyland Consortium: BABW
13PIT – Seattle, WASneakySlyAndromedaNBN: Making News
12PIT – Redmond, WAGabriel SantiagoWeyland Consortium: BABW
11PIT – Aloha, ORAndromedaNBN: Making News
10PIT – West Berlin, NJAndromedaNBN: Making News
9PIT – Northfield, NJWhizzardHaas-Bioroid: Engineering the Future
8PIT – Glen Burnie, MDAndromedaWeyland Consortium: BABW
7PIT – Toronto, ONAndromedaWeyland Consortium: BABW
6PIT – Chicago, ILKateHaas-Bioroid: Engineering the Future
5PIT – Niles, ILExileWeyland Consortium: BABW
4PIT – Cambridge, MAKateWeyland Consortium: BABW
3PIT – Albany, NYNoiseWeyland Consortium: BABW
2PIT – Manchester, NHGabriel SantiagoNBN: The World Is Yours
1Seattle CardKingdom 2013Gabriel SantiagoWeyland Consortium: BABW

Creation and Control

6Manhattan Tournament July 2013AndromedaWeyland Consortium: BABW
5Santa Clara Tournament 2013Gabriel SantiagoWeyland Consortium: BABW
4GENCON Tournament 2013KateJinteki: PE
3Madrid Regionals 2013NoiseWeyland Consortium: BABW
2Spanish Nationals 2013AndromedaHB: ETF
1German Nationals 2013KateWeyland Consortium: BABW

Future Proof

20PAX Prime Tournament 2013Gabriel SantiagoHB: ETF
19Polish Nationals 2013AndromedaHB: ETF
18German Regionals 2013Gabriel SantiagoWeyland Consortium: BABW
17Nürnberg Test Run Tournament 2013AndromedaHB: ETF
16Vancouver Terminal7 Tournament 2013NoiseNBN: Making News
15Tulsa Regionals 2013Gabriel SantiagoJinteki: Personal Evolution
14Munich Tournament July 2013Gabriel SantiagoHB: ETF
13Oslo Regionals 2013AndromedaWeyland Consortium: BABW
12Portland Regionals 2013Gabriel SantiagoHB: ETF
11Italian Regionals 2013Gabriel SantiagoHB: ETF
10Seattle Regionals 2013Gabriel SantiagoHB: ETF
9Schaumburg, Illinois Regionals 2013Chaos TheoryHB: ETF
8Savannah, GA Tournament 2013AndromedaNBN: TWIY
7New York Regionals 2013Gabriel SantiagoWeyland Consortium: BABW
6Lafayette, Indiana June 2013Gabriel SantiagoWeyland Consortium: BABW
5Vancouver, BC Regionals 2013AndromedaHB: ETF
4Philadelphia Regionals 2013NoiseHB: ETF
3Cary, NC Regionals 2013Gabriel SantiagoJinteki: Personal Evolution
2Maryland Regionals 2013AndromedaWeyland Consortium: BABW
1FFG HQ Regionals 2013Gabriel SantiagoWeyland Consortium: BABW

Humanity's Shadow

10SF Regionals 2013KateHB: ETF
9Manhattan Tournament 2013Gabriel SantiagoWeyland Consortium: BABW
8Singapore Regionals 2013Gabriel SantiagoHB: ETF
7Plano, Tx Regionals 2013Chaos TheoryJinteki: Personal Evolution
6Seattle Tournament May 2013Gabriel SantiagoHB: ETF
5Atlanta Regionals 2013AndromedaHB: ETF
4Dayton Regionals 2013AndromedaHB: ETF
3Laval Quebec Regionals 2013AndromedaHB: ETF
2Austin Tx Dragon’s Lair Regional 2013WhizzardHB: ETF
1Durham, North Carolina Regionals 2013Gabriel SantiagoHB: ETF

A Study in Static

17UK Regionals 2013NoiseHB: ETF
16UK Nationals 2013Gabriel SantiagoHB: ETF
15London Regionals 2013Gabriel SantiagoHB: ETF
14French Regionals 2013NoiseWeyland Consortium: BABW
13Swedish Nationals 2013NoiseWeyland Consortium: BABW
12Montréal Québec Regionals 2013NoiseHB: ETF
11Austin, TX Regionals 2013NoiseWeyland Consortium: BABW
10Santa Clara Regionals 2013Gabriel SantiagoHB: ETF
9Portland Tournament April 2013NoiseHB: ETF
8Coppell, TX Regionals 2013NoiseHB: ETF
7Phoenix Regionals 2013Chaos TheoryHB: ETF
6Newington, CT Regionals 2013Gabriel SantiagoWeyland Consortium: BABW
5Independence, MO Regionals 2013Gabriel SantiagoWeyland Consortium: BABW
4Cincinnati, OH Regionals 2013Gabriel SantiagoWeyland Consortium: BABW
3Livonia, MI Regionals 2013Chaos TheoryNBN: Making News
2Chicago Regionals 2013Gabriel SantiagoJinteki: Replicating Perfection
1New York Tournament April 2013NoiseNBN: Making News

Cyber Exodus

4Modena PLAY TournamentMario Testa Gabe NBN: Making News
3Regionals - Colorado12Ryan Burke Gabe NBN: Making News
2ST - New YorkSeth Chaos Theory HB: ETF
1ST - Coppell, TX Gabe HB: ETF

Trace Amount

4OCTGN Tournament # 2 Gabe Weyland: BABW
3LisboaCon Tournament 20138Jorge Graca Noise NBN: Making News
2Strategicon 20138Preston Stelford Kate NBN: Making News
1ST - Games AcademyStefano Padovani Gabe Weyland: BABW

What Lies Ahead


Core Set

3OCTGN Tournament #164Malefact Gabe HB: ETF
2FFG Worlds 201241Jeremy Zwirn Gabe Weyland: BABW
1GenCon Icebreaker Tournament56David Kempe Kate Jinteki: PE

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