Winning Decklists: Plano, Tx Regionals – 2013

May 2013: Plano, Tx Regionals

Jinteki: Personal Evolution (Core)
Total Cards: (49)

Agenda: (10)
Braintrust (What Lies Ahead) x3
False Lead (A Study in Static) x2
Fetal AI (Trace Amount) x3
Priority Requisition (Core) x2

Asset: (7)
Edge of World (Cyber Exodus) x1
Project Junebug (Core) x3
Snare! (Core) x3

ICE: (19)
Caduceus (What Lies Ahead) x2 ■■
Chum (Core) x2
Data Mine (Core) x2
Enigma (Core) x3
Neural Katana (Core) x3
Rototurret (Core) x1 ■
Wall of Static (Core) x3
Pop-up Window (Cyber Exodus) x3 ■

Operation: (10)
Beanstalk Royalties (Core) x3 ■
Hedge Fund (Core) x3
Neural EMP (Core) x3
Scorched Earth (Core) x1 ■■■■

Upgrade: (3)
Hokusai Grid (Humanity’s Shadow) x3

Total Agenda Points: 20


Chaos Theory: Wunderkind (Cyber Exodus)
Total Cards: (40)

Event: (16)
Diesel (Core) x3
Modded (Core) x3
Quality Time (Humanity’s Shadow) x2
Stimhack (Core) x2 ■
Test Run (Cyber Exodus) x3
The Maker’s Eye (Core) x3

Hardware: (8)
Dinosaurus (Cyber Exodus) x3
Dyson Mem Chip (Trace Amount) x2
The Personal Touch (Core) x3

Program: (12)
Corroder (Core) x2 ■■
Crypsis (Core) x1
Femme Fatale (Core) x2 ■
Gordian Blade (Core) x1
Magnum Opus (Core) x3
Medium (Core) x2 ■■■
Yog.0 (Core) x1 ■

Resource: (4)
Personal Workshop (Cyber Exodus) x3
Aesop’s Pawnshop (Core) x1

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