PeachHack – Kate vs. Jinteki: PE – Giga-bites Cafe Store Championship 2016, Round 2 Game 2

Gordie Murphy (Kate) and Anthony Treadway (Jinteki: PE) face off in Round 2 Game 2 of the Giga-bites Cafe Netrunner Store Championship in Marietta, GA on February 28th, 2016. The latest legal Netrunner set at this tournament was Kala Ghoda, and the MWL v3.0.2 was in effect.

This is a recording from a livestream, with commentary provided by Aaron Konnick and Josh Brzinski, and production by Ben Torell. For more Netrunner livestreams, follow on Twitch at

King of Servers Team Tournament, Worlds 2015 – Noise vs. Jinteki: PE – Round 4 Game 2

Round 4 Game 2 of the King of Servers Team Tournament between Aaron “aandries” Andries’ Noise (of team Vercase Brick Syndicate) and Kenny “SimonMoon” Deakins’ Jinteki Personal Evolution (of Team Sponsorship). Commentary by Anthony “SneakySly” Giovanetti and Nick “Sotomatic” Soto. These games were streamed (over 4G) and produced by Ben “dodgepong” Torell.