National – Sydney, Australia. (74 players)

Tournament Winner: Daryl Russell
Date: 2015-08-15
Whizz Fizz – Australian Nationals 2015 Winner

Whizzard: Master Gamer (What Lies Ahead)

Event (22)
2x Account Siphon (Core Set) ••••• •••
2x Day Job (Order and Chaos)
3x Dirty Laundry (Creation and Control)
3x Déjà Vu (Core Set)
2x Hacktivist Meeting (Breaker Bay)
3x I’ve Had Worse (Order and Chaos)
2x Inject (Up and Over)
3x Sure Gamble (Core Set)
2x Wanton Destruction (Order and Chaos)

Hardware (3)
2x Desperado (Core Set) ••••• •
1x Plascrete Carapace (What Lies Ahead)

Resource (6)
1x Hades Shard (First Contact)
2x John Masanori (Opening Moves)
3x Same Old Thing (Creation and Control)

Icebreaker (8)
2x Corroder (Core Set)
3x Knight (Mala Tempora)
2x Mimic (Core Set)
1x Yog.0 (Core Set)

Program (7)
1x D4v1d (The Spaces Between)
2x Datasucker (Core Set)
2x Medium (Core Set)
2x Parasite (Core Set)
15 influence spent (max 15)
46 cards (min 45)
Cards up to Breaker Bay

Decklist published on NetrunnerDB.
Who Needs A Butcher……. Australian Nationals 2015 Winner

Jinteki: Personal Evolution (Core Set)

Agenda (12)
2x Chronos Project (First Contact)
3x Fetal AI (Trace Amount)
3x Gila Hands Arcology (Creation and Control)
1x Philotic Entanglement (Honor and Profit)
1x Profiteering (Second Thoughts)
2x The Future Perfect (Honor and Profit)

Asset (17)
1x Blacklist (Breaker Bay)
1x Cerebral Overwriter (Creation and Control) ••
1x Chairman Hiro (Honor and Profit)
3x Jackson Howard (Opening Moves) •••
3x Project Junebug (Core Set)
2x Psychic Field (Honor and Profit)
2x Ronin (Future Proof)
1x Shattered Remains (First Contact)
3x Snare! (Core Set)

Operation (10)
2x Cerebral Cast (Honor and Profit)
2x Medical Research Fundraiser (Honor and Profit)
3x Mushin No Shin (Honor and Profit)
2x Neural EMP (Core Set)
1x Scorched Earth (Core Set) ••••

Barrier (3)
2x Eli 1.0 (Future Proof) ••
1x Markus 1.0 (The Source)

Code Gate (1)
1x Lockdown (Chrome City)

Sentry (5)
2x Cortex Lock (The Valley)
1x Ichi 1.0 (Core Set) ••
1x Komainu (Honor and Profit)
1x Swordsman (Second Thoughts)

Other (1)
1x Kitsune (First Contact)
15 influence spent (max 15)
20 agenda points (between 20 and 21)
49 cards (min 45)
Cards up to Chrome City

Decklist published on NetrunnerDB.

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