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Teaching Netrunner: Part 1

Zebadiah’s shows you the best way to go about teaching Netrunner to newbies, going over general principles and ideas for teaching Netrunner.

Teaching Netrunner: Part 2

Part 2 of Zebadiah’s series on how to best teach new players Netrunner. In this article Zebadiah goes over the decklists he uses to teach new players.

The Anarch Cookbook: Chapter One

PeekaySK begins a brand new series taking an exhaustive look at Anarchs.

Teaching Netrunner: Part 3

This is part three of an article focused on helping experienced Android: Netrunner players teach the game to new players.

Jackson Howard Basics – Netrunner with Willingdone

This video is designed to help new players understand common plays and basic tactics involving Jackson Howard.

Shuffling Sleeved Cards and Proper Randomization – Netrunner with Willingdone

This video demonstrates proper shuffling and randomization using sleeved cards. Be sure to check out Xenasis’s article that I referenced in the video.

Principles of Corp Deckbuilding: Winning and Defending – Netrunner with Willingdone

As an introduction to Corporation deckbuilding, I stress the importance of pairing your method of winning the game with the right defensive style. I describe the three main ways to win the game and look at some tournament winning decklists for examples. Originally published 9/11/2014.

Playing Against Scorched Earth – Netrunner with Willingdone

Playing well against Scorched Earth is largely a matter of understanding the Corp’s capability. In this video, we look at a few mental shortcuts players can use to speed up their decision making. Originally published 9/23/2014.

Evaluating Runner Play: Expected Value and the Big Picture – Netrunner with Willingdone

In this video, I look at how the concept of expected value can inform big picture decision making as the Runner. Originally published 10/30/2014.

Playing Against Personal Evolution – Netrunner with Willingdone

In this Segment, I examine a few ways to play successfully against Jinteki: Personal Evolution. Originally published 11/23/2014.

Playing Against Replicating Perfection – Netrunner with Willingdone

In this video, I share a few tips for beating one of the most popular decks in tournament Netrunner, Jinteki Replicating Perfection.

Essential Vocabulary for Netrunner – Netrunner with Willingdone

New to Netrunner? In this video, I cover some of the basic vocabulary used by experienced players to describe game phenomena. Originally published 2/22/2015.

Teaching Netrunner on the Fly

Trypios gives us his guide for teaching Netrunner to new players, with a focus on visuals and mini-decks to use in your own teaching games.

7 Things You Can Do To Get Better At Netrunner

¬†Introduction The tips in this article are aimed to be applicable to most (if not all) decks, and I’ve tried to keep stuff like “play better cards/decks” out of here. This article isn’t about deck construction or deck choice. This article is about play decisions and matters pertaining to playing the game and not deckbuilding…

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