Deconstructing Shellgame – by tehepicwin

If there’s anyone in the world who can consistently tell when a person is lying, hire that person for a billion dollars. Corps lie. Corps can say truths. But there is only one line of play that objectively wins the most.

What I’m saying is to leave your psychic abilities at the door, because they don’t exist or matter. Skill is about increasing your chances of winning, and soul-reading just isn’t a very large part.

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On the Rational Player – by lostgeek

Hey everyone, lostgeek from the NISEI SBT here! In the last few weeks, I’ve been trying to sort my thoughts into a coherent theory, hoping to end up with some useful tool for our balancing work. I’ve missed that goal and this specific perspective might be very much born out of the way I personally think and conceptualize things and might not work for you, but I still think it has been a fun and interesting journey and might click for some of you as well, so… uh… here’s way too many words on meta theory for you!

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