GNK – Leisure Games (17 players)

Tournament Winner: JAK
Date: 2015-08-16
Cloud Heist London

Armand “Geist” Walker: Tech Lord (The Underway)

Event (9)
1x Inside Job (Core Set)
2x Legwork (Honor and Profit)
1x Levy AR Lab Access (Creation and Control) •••
3x Sure Gamble (Core Set)
2x The Maker’s Eye (Core Set) ••••

Hardware (8)
3x Clone Chip (Creation and Control) ••••• •
2x Dyson Mem Chip (Trace Amount)
3x Forger (The Underway)

Resource (14)
3x Data Folding (Order and Chaos)
3x Fall Guy (Double Time)
3x Same Old Thing (Creation and Control)
2x Street Peddler (The Underway) ••
3x Underworld Contact (A Study in Static)

Icebreaker (12)
1x Alias (Honor and Profit)
1x Breach (Honor and Profit)
3x Crowbar (Chrome City)
1x Passport (Honor and Profit)
3x Shiv (The Underway)
3x Spike (The Valley)

Program (2)
1x Crescentus (A Study in Static)
1x Grappling Hook (Honor and Profit)
15 influence spent (max 15)
45 cards (min 45)
Cards up to The Underway

Deck built on NetrunnerDB.
Archives of the Cerebrum

Cerebral Imaging: Infinite Frontiers (Creation and Control)

Agenda (9)
3x Efficiency Committee (Creation and Control)
1x Hades Fragment (Up and Over)
3x NAPD Contract (Double Time)
1x Priority Requisition (Core Set)
1x Project Vitruvius (Cyber Exodus)

Upgrade (2)
2x Cyberdex Virus Suite (Order and Chaos)

Operation (26)
3x Archived Memories (Core Set)
3x Biotic Labor (Core Set)
3x Blue Level Clearance (Fear and Loathing)
3x Hedge Fund (Core Set)
1x Power Shutdown (Mala Tempora) ••
3x Reclamation Order (Double Time)
3x Restructure (Second Thoughts)
2x Scorched Earth (Core Set) ••••• •••
1x SEA Source (Core Set) ••
3x Shipment from SanSan (Second Thoughts) •••
1x Subliminal Messaging (Fear and Loathing)

Barrier (3)
3x Eli 1.0 (Future Proof)

Code Gate (5)
2x Turing (Breaker Bay)
2x Viktor 1.0 (Core Set)
1x Viktor 2.0 (Creation and Control)

Sentry (4)
1x Ichi 1.0 (Core Set)
3x Ichi 2.0 (Creation and Control)
15 influence spent (max 15)
20 agenda points (between 20 and 21)
49 cards (min 45)
Cards up to Breaker Bay

Deck built on NetrunnerDB.

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