Store Champs – Tokyo, Gamespace kashiwagi (12 players)

Tournament Winner: David Rogers
Date: 2015-07-20
Seamus' Stealth Kit

Rielle "Kit" Peddler: Transhuman (Creation and Control)

Event (9)
3x Dirty Laundry (Creation and Control)
2x Legwork (Honor and Profit) ••••
1x Modded (Core Set)
3x Sure Gamble (Core Set)

Hardware (12)
2x Astrolabe (Up and Over)
3x Clone Chip (Creation and Control)
3x Lockpick (Opening Moves)
1x Plascrete Carapace (What Lies Ahead)
3x R&D Interface (Future Proof)

Resource (12)
3x Daily Casts (Creation and Control)
3x Ghost Runner (The Spaces Between)
2x Kati Jones (Humanity's Shadow)
3x Professional Contacts (Creation and Control)
1x Utopia Shard (All That Remains)

Icebreaker (5)
1x Corroder (Core Set) ••
1x Dagger (Creation and Control)
1x Deus X (A Study in Static)
2x Refractor (First Contact)

Program (7)
2x Cloak (Creation and Control)
1x Clot (The Valley) ••
1x Crescentus (A Study in Static)
3x Self-modifying Code (Creation and Control)

10 influence spent (max 10)
45 cards (min 45)
Cards up to The Valley

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Oaktown Gonna Funk you Up!

Weyland Consortium: Building a Better World (Core Set)

Agenda (11)
1x Geothermal Fracking (Opening Moves)
1x High-Risk Investment (Order and Chaos)
3x Hostile Takeover (Core Set)
3x Oaktown Renovation (Chrome City)
3x Project Atlas (What Lies Ahead)

Asset (4)
1x Corporate Town (Chrome City)
3x Jackson Howard (Opening Moves) •••

Upgrade (2)
1x Ash 2X3ZB9CY (What Lies Ahead) ••
1x Caprice Nisei (Double Time) ••••

Operation (16)
3x Beanstalk Royalties (Core Set)
3x Green Level Clearance (A Study in Static) •••
3x Hedge Fund (Core Set)
3x Restructure (Second Thoughts)
3x Scorched Earth (Core Set)
1x SEA Source (Core Set) ••

Barrier (7)
3x Fire Wall (Order and Chaos)
2x Meru Mati (Breaker Bay)
2x Spiderweb (The Underway)

Code Gate (4)
2x Enigma (Core Set)
2x Wormhole (Order and Chaos)

Sentry (5)
1x Archer (Core Set)
3x Caduceus (What Lies Ahead)
1x Rototurret (Core Set)

15 influence spent (max 15)
20 agenda points (between 20 and 21)
49 cards (min 45)
Cards up to The Underway

Deck built on NetrunnerDB.

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