Store Champs – Heroes’ World (22 players)

Tournament Winner: Sungho Lee
Date: 2016-02-06
Event Event (5)

2x Diesel
1x Levy AR Lab Access
2x Modded
Hardware Hardware (11)

2x Akamatsu Mem Chip
3x Clone Chip ☆☆☆
1x Feedback Filter
1x Plascrete Carapace
2x R&D Interface
2x The Toolbox
Resource Resource (14)

3x Aesop's Pawnshop
3x Armitage Codebusting
1x Artist Colony
3x Daily Casts
3x Professional Contacts
1x Same Old Thing
Icebreaker Icebreaker (5)

2x Atman
1x Corroder ••
1x GS Shrike M2 ••
1x Study Guide
Program Program (10)

2x Cache ••
1x Clot ••
2x Harbinger ••
2x Multithreader ••
3x Self-modifying Code
Agenda Agenda (9)

3x Global Food Initiative •••
1x Hades Fragment
1x Hostile Takeover
3x Project Atlas
1x Utopia Fragment
Asset Asset (18)

1x Blacklist •
1x Corporate Town
3x Jackson Howard •••
2x Launch Campaign
3x Museum of History ••••• •
3x PAD Campaign
3x Public Support
2x Team Sponsorship ••
Upgrade Upgrade (4)

1x Crisium Grid
2x Expo Grid
1x Old Hollywood Grid ••
Operation Operation (5)

3x Hedge Fund
2x Interns
Barrier Barrier (8)

2x Hadrian's Wall
3x Hive
1x Ice Wall
2x Spiderweb
Code Gate Code Gate (4)

2x Lotus Field ••
1x Tollbooth ••
1x Wormhole
Sentry Sentry (6)

2x Archer
1x Caduceus
3x Tour Guide

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