Portland, Guardian Games Regionals 2014 (32 players)


Andromeda Dispossessed Ristie

15 influence spent (max 15) •••••••••••••••
45 cards (min 45)
Cards up to Honor and Profit

Event (22)

3x Account Siphon
3x Dirty Laundry
1x Easy Mark
2x Emergency Shutdown
2x Hostage
2x Inside Job
3x Legwork
3x Special Order
3x Sure Gamble

Hardware (7)

3x Desperado
2x Plascrete Carapace
2x RAD Interface ••••

Resource (5)

2x Kati Jones
1x Professional Contacts ••
2x Security Testing

Icebreaker (8)

2x Corroder ••••
1x Crypsis
2x Faerie
1x Femme Fatale
1x Mimic •
1x Yog.0 •

Program (3)

3x Datasucker •••


NBN Making News

15 influence spent (max 15) •••••••••••••••
20 agenda points (between 20 and 21)
49 cards (min 45)
Cards up to Double Time

Agenda (11)

3x AstroScript Pilot Program
2x Breaking News
3x NAPD Contract
3x Project Beale

Asset (3)

3x Jackson Howard

Upgrade (4)

1x Bernice Mai
3x SanSan City Grid

Operation (13)

3x Beanstalk Royalties •••
2x Closed Accounts
3x Hedge Fund
2x Subliminal Messaging
3x Sweeps Week

Barrier (6)

3x Eli 1.0 •••
1x TMI
2x Wraparound

Code Gate (6)

2x Pop-up Window
3x Viper •••

Sentry (6)

3x Caduceus ••••• •
3x Dracō

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