Regional – Oslo (20 players)

Tournament Winner: Nikolai Hansen
Date: 2016-06-25
Kate "Mac" McCaffrey: Digital Tinker (Core Set)

Event (11)
1x "Freedom Through Equality" (Democracy and Dogma)
2x Dirty Laundry (Creation and Control)
3x Indexing (Future Proof)
1x Levy AR Lab Access (Creation and Control)
1x Quality Time (Humanity's Shadow)
1x Stimhack (Core Set)
3x Sure Gamble (Core Set)

Hardware (8)
2x Astrolabe (Up and Over)
3x Clone Chip (Creation and Control) ☆☆☆
1x Plascrete Carapace (What Lies Ahead)
1x R&D Interface (Future Proof)

Resource (12)
3x Daily Casts (Creation and Control)
1x Film Critic (Old Hollywood)
1x Political Operative (Democracy and Dogma)
3x Professional Contacts (Creation and Control)
1x Same Old Thing (Creation and Control)
2x Technical Writer (Data and Destiny)
1x The Turning Wheel (The Liberated Mind)

Icebreaker (7)
1x Atman (Creation and Control)
2x Cerberus "Lady" H1 (All That Remains) ☆☆
2x Cyber-Cypher (Creation and Control)
1x Mimic (Core Set)
1x Sharpshooter (True Colors)

Program (7)
1x Clot (The Valley) ••
1x Datasucker (Core Set)
2x Hyperdriver (The Underway)
1x Parasite (Core Set) ☆ ••
2x Self-modifying Code (Creation and Control)
9 influence spent (max 15-6☆=9)
45 cards (min 45)
Cards up to The Liberated Mind
Cerebral Imaging: Infinite Frontiers (Creation and Control)

Agenda (9)
1x Accelerated Beta Test (Core Set)
3x Efficiency Committee (Creation and Control)
2x Global Food Initiative (Data and Destiny) ••
3x Project Vitruvius (Cyber Exodus)

Asset (3)
3x Jackson Howard (Opening Moves) •••

Upgrade (1)
1x Cyberdex Virus Suite (Order and Chaos)

Operation (28)
3x Accelerated Diagnostics (Mala Tempora)
1x Archived Memories (Core Set)
2x Biotic Labor (Core Set)
3x Blue Level Clearance (Fear and Loathing)
1x Enhanced Login Protocol (The Spaces Between)
3x Hedge Fund (Core Set)
1x Interns (Mala Tempora)
2x Power Shutdown (Mala Tempora) ••••
1x Reclamation Order (Double Time)
2x Restructure (Second Thoughts)
1x Reuse (Up and Over)
3x Shipment from Kaguya (Core Set) •••
2x Shipment from MirrorMorph (Core Set)
2x Shipment from SanSan (Second Thoughts) ••
1x Subliminal Messaging (Fear and Loathing)

Barrier (3)
3x Vanilla (The Liberated Mind)

Code Gate (5)
2x Quandary (Double Time)
3x Turing (Breaker Bay)
15 influence spent (max 15)
20 agenda points (between 20 and 21)
49 cards (min 45)
Cards up to The Liberated Mind

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