Regional – Portland, OR (35 players)

Tournament Winner: Kyle James
Date: 2016-05-07
Whizzard Master Gamer

11 influence spent (max 15-4☆=11) •••••••••••
46 cards (min 45)
Cards up to Data and Destiny
Event Event (16)

3x Career Fair •••
2x Employee Strike ••
1x Forked
3x I've Had Worse
2x Knifed
1x Levy AR Lab Access •••
1x Spooned
3x Sure Gamble
Hardware Hardware (4)

1x Clone Chip ☆ ••
1x Plascrete Carapace
2x Turntable
Resource Resource (13)

2x Adjusted Chronotype
3x Daily Casts
1x Film Critic •
3x Liberated Account
1x Same Old Thing
3x Wyldside
Icebreaker Icebreaker (4)

3x Faust
1x Mimic
Program Program (9)

2x D4v1d
2x Datasucker
2x Medium
3x Parasite ☆☆☆
Industrial Genomics Growing Solutions
15 influence spent (max 15) •••••••••••••••
22 agenda points (between 22 and 23)
54 cards (min 45)
Cards up to Salsette Island
Agenda Agenda (9)

2x Chronos Project
1x Fetal AI
3x Global Food Initiative •••
3x The Future Perfect
Asset Asset (32)

3x Bio-Ethics Association
1x Elizabeth Mills ••
1x Executive Search Firm •••
1x Genetics Pavilion
3x Hostile Infrastructure
3x Jackson Howard •••
3x Mumba Temple ••••• •
3x Mumbad City Hall •••
3x Museum of History ••••• •
1x Ronin
3x Shock!
1x Snare!
3x Tech Startup
3x Turtlebacks
Operation Operation (4)

2x Cerebral Static
1x Diversified Portfolio
1x Heritage Committee
Barrier Barrier (2)

2x Hive ••••
Code Gate Code Gate (3)

3x Crick
Sentry Sentry (4)

3x Komainu
1x Tsurugi

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