GNK – Dothan, Alabama (15 players)

Tournament Winner: Jeremy R. Hager
Date: 2015-06-06
Mad MaxX Fanatix Gamenight (Dothan, AL) Tournament Winner

MaxX: Maximum Punk Rock (Order and Chaos)

Event (29)
2x Account Siphon (Core Set) ••••• •••
2x Amped Up (Order and Chaos)
3x Day Job (Order and Chaos)
3x Déjà Vu (Core Set)
2x Forked (Order and Chaos)
2x Hacktivist Meeting (Breaker Bay)
3x I’ve Had Worse (Order and Chaos)
1x Knifed (Order and Chaos)
1x Levy AR Lab Access (Creation and Control) •••
2x Retrieval Run (Future Proof)
2x Spooned (Order and Chaos)
3x Sure Gamble (Core Set)
3x Wanton Destruction (Order and Chaos)

Hardware (2)
2x Box-E (First Contact) ••

Resource (6)
1x Hades Shard (First Contact)
2x Liberated Account (Trace Amount)
3x Same Old Thing (Creation and Control)

Icebreaker (7)
1x Corroder (Core Set)
3x Eater (Order and Chaos)
2x Knight (Mala Tempora)
1x Yog.0 (Core Set)

Program (3)
3x Keyhole (True Colors)
14 influence spent (max 15)
47 cards (min 45)
Cards up to Breaker Bay

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Sweaty Palms, Fanatix Gamenight Tournament Winner

Argus Security: Protection Guaranteed (Order and Chaos)

Agenda (13)
3x Chronos Project (First Contact)
3x High-Risk Investment (Order and Chaos)
3x Hostile Takeover (Core Set)
1x Oaktown Renovation (Chrome City)
3x Posted Bounty (Core Set)

Asset (9)
2x Capital Investors (The Valley)
3x Dedicated Response Team (Future Proof)
2x Jackson Howard (Opening Moves) ••
2x Snare! (Core Set) ••••

Operation (12)
3x Hedge Fund (Core Set)
2x Housekeeping (Order and Chaos)
2x Power Shutdown (Mala Tempora)
3x Scorched Earth (Core Set)
1x SEA Source (Core Set) ••
1x Subliminal Messaging (Fear and Loathing)

Barrier (5)
2x Changeling (Up and Over)
1x Ice Wall (Core Set)
2x Meru Mati (Breaker Bay)

Code Gate (4)
1x Checkpoint (Order and Chaos)
3x Enigma (Core Set)

Sentry (6)
3x Archer (Core Set)
3x Data Raven (Core Set) ••••• •
14 influence spent (max 15)
20 agenda points (between 20 and 21)
49 cards (min 45)
Cards up to Chrome City

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