King of Servers Team Tournament, Worlds 2015 – Valencia vs. Argus – Round 5 Game 1

Round 5 Game 1 of the King of Servers Team Tournament between Laurie “lpoulter” Poulter’s Valencia (of team Turing Test) and El-ad “lirionClaus” David Amir’s Argus Securty (of Team Sponsorship). Commentary by Dan “CodeMarvelous” Spinosa and Nick “Sotomatic” Soto. These games were streamed (over 4G) and produced by Ben “dodgepong” Torell.

Summer Kit II – Round 1, Game 2: Laramy Fisk vs. Argus Security– The Métropole Grid

Savvy investor, and talk of the town, Laramy Fisk arrives on the scene in time for the Universe of Tomorrow Expo. Celebrated for his invaluable investment advice, alongside his impeccable sense of style, can this playboy of SanSan leverage his contacts and insider information in an attempt to deconstruct this galaxy’s largest security corporation, Weyland’s own Argus Security? Or will his subtlety and charm be lost on the security detail that is best known for fighting everything with fire.