Summer Kit III – Round 2, Game 1: MaxX vs. SYNC – The Métropole Grid

MaxX barrels through her apartment door. A tin of YucaBean. Uniform off. Plugged in. Online. Music up, and loud. Good. NBN had been busy, or so she heard. A new orbital network was launched, largest in the system. Zettabytes of traffic. Liked the challenge. MaxX jacked in, narrowing her sights on the nearest relay. A messaged leaped from her rig: she had been located. They knew where she was. MaxX smirked. Good. “Come find me,” she muttered, not fully knowing what she was about to begin.

Summer Kit III – Round 1, Game 2: Titan vs. Kate – The Métropole Grid

BD Cosmos’s third Summer Kit continues as the digital tinkerer Kate McCaffrey sets her goggled eyes on the servers of the multi-national investment conglomerate, Titan Transnational. The hard working security staff at Titan have recently upgraded their servers with some beefy but power hungry ICE, a necessary improvement due to their upcoming public relations push. Sensing the challenge, Kate readies her tools and array of burner pads, alongside a combination hard work, good personal contacts, and just a bit of luck, and jacks in. Are the scheming minds at Titan Transnational any match for the precise attacks of the tinkerer herself?

Summer Kit III – Round 1, Game 1: Whizzard vs. SYNC – The Métropole Grid

Data and Destiny is out and upon us here in Montréal! On the corp side, the brand new deluxe expansion happily brings oh so many new tricks and tools to our favourite information company, NBN. Can the aggressive running of the Anarch e-thlete Whizzard do substantial damage to SYNC, NBN’s new orbital data network, boasting the largest thoroughfare ‎of information this side of the moon? Or will the Whiz simply end up tagged, and preyed on by clever ‘marketing’? After months of bated breath, we are finally ready to see how this little blue box will shake up the meta. And what a way to start!

Randolph Cube Draft – Game 4 – The Métropole Grid

The fourth game of the cube draft at Randolph Pub Ludique sees the return of my drafted “fast-advance but I also have a Caprice Nisei, so that’s good” corp deck, as it pairs up against Scott’s stealth breaker suite. Will the late-game efficiency of stealth be worth the lack of early game pressure? Can my unorthodox ICE suite stand it’s own against the silent and cost-effective set of bladed programs? Will this be the rise of BlacKat!?

Randolph Cube Draft – Game 3 – The Métropole Grid

The third game of the cube draft at Randolph Pub Ludique has Scott’s expertly drafted corporation attempt to hold off my very own “mostly good stuff” runner. Tension mounts as identifying scoring windows becomes increasingly difficult with most cards being played straight from the grip. Perhaps the runner can capitalize on a small hole in the intrusion countermeasures, as I embrace my winter spirit.

Randolph Cube Draft – Game 2 – The Métropole Grid

The second game of the cube draft at Randolph Pub Ludique pits my very own “HB fast-advance” deck against Patrick’s throwback to the core-set runner. Only six agenda points to victory means those Maker’s Eyes and Legworks are extra scary. Can my drafted corporation deck hold out from Patrick’s assault long enough to set up the sweet, sweet multi-card combos? Perhaps we will need a nice visit from the clone in red.

Randolph Cube Draft – Runner Draft – The Métropole Grid

In the second half of the Cube Draft at Randolph Pub Ludique, I try my very hardest to cobble together a ‘functional’ runner deck. Multi card combos and high-level efficiency have been thrown out the window in the mad dash to ensure Force of Nature never sees the light of day.

Big shout out to SneakySly and Stimhack for the Stimhack Draft Cube. For everything you need to know about Cube Drafting:

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