Randolph Cube Draft – Corp Draft – The Métropole Grid

It’s time for a little non-constructed fun! Join Benoit and I as we talk you through the corporation half of my very first Cube Draft. Is it possible to build a ‘good’ corp deck from the melange of cards being shuttled across these tables? How much ICE is too much ICE? Who has all of the Scorched Earths?! Just another Monday night at Randolph Pub Ludique.

Big shout out to SneakySly and Stimhack for the Stimhack Draft Cube. For everything you need to know about Cube Drafting:

Cube Drafting 101

Cube Drafting 201 – Cube Design

Summer Kit II – Round 3, Game 2: Laramy Fisk vs. Haarpsichord Studios – The Métropole Grid

Lights, camera, action! We return to Old Hollywood, the glitzy home of NBN’s own entertainment division, Haarpsichord Studios. Behind those studio walls lie the sensies of tomorrow, as they are expertly crafted by the brightest minds and biggest stars. A profitable operation like such attracts the attention of many hopeful investors, including the sharply dressed business insider, Laramy Fisk. Will his plans for aggressive expansion allow him to infiltrate and leak this summer’s next big blockbuster, or will it be just another flop?


Summer Kit II – Round 3, Game 1: Chronos Protocol vs. Geist – The Métropole Grid

The Universe of Tomorrow Expo continues, as the Underway’s very own Los Muertos’ tech-lord unleashes an all out assault on the servers of the brand new Jinteki mind-mapping division, Chronos Protocol. Breakers will be trashed, accounts will be siphoned, and runners will definitely be zapped. Can the genetic experts successfully disassemble the mind of the charming tech-lord, or will they be thwarted by a invaluable trip to the AR Lab?

Summer Kit II – Round 2, Game 2: Chaos Theory vs. R.P. – The Métropole Grid

The young g-mod Chaos Theory sets aside her trusty console, and best friend, and pays a visit to a very shady Criminal type. Theophilius extinguishes his acrid smelling cigar, and for the first time since the brilliant child walked through his door, he does not speak in riddle, “What do you mean you can ‘print’ credits?” Chaos Theory smiled slyly. The wunderkind realized she was about to make a very powerful friend.

Summer Kit II – Round 2, Game 1: Cybernetics Division vs. Kate – The Métropole Grid

Deep in the shadowy and industrious center of Chrome City, Haas-Bioroid’s very own Cybernetics Division never rests, as the bioroids work tirelessly, day and night, to produce the very finest consumer grade cybernetic modifications. The division offers unparalleled choice and power, allowing any mere human, with sufficient credits, that is, the possibility to ‘upgrade’ their frail bodies, and join the lucky group of self-proclaimed ‘chromeheads’. Will the curiosity of the digital tinkerer Kate McCaffrey lead her to expose dark corporate secrets hidden within these highly secured servers, or will she merely end up with quite the damaged brain?

Summer Kit II – Round 1, Game 2: Laramy Fisk vs. Argus Security– The Métropole Grid

Savvy investor, and talk of the town, Laramy Fisk arrives on the scene in time for the Universe of Tomorrow Expo. Celebrated for his invaluable investment advice, alongside his impeccable sense of style, can this playboy of SanSan leverage his contacts and insider information in an attempt to deconstruct this galaxy’s largest security corporation, Weyland’s own Argus Security? Or will his subtlety and charm be lost on the security detail that is best known for fighting everything with fire.

Summer Kit II – Round 1, Game 1: Chronos Protocol vs. Geist – The Métropole Grid

The Universe of Tomorrow expo is upon us! The Jinteki Corporation is proud to unveil their latest innovations in the field of genetics, all handled by their very own new mind-mapping division, Chronos Protocol. Will their knowledge of the human psyche, combined with unmatched surgical accuracy, be enough to shut down the unrelenting attack of the very resourceful criminal tech-lord, Armand ‘Geist’ Walker?

Summer Kit – Round 3, Game 2: Kate vs. Blue Sun – The Métropole Grid

Game two of the third and final round of the Summer 2015 Tournament Kit at BD Cosmos in Laval on 07/23/2015! Continuing to prepare for the 2015 North American Netrunner Nationals at Gen Con, Jon tests ‘Congress Kate’, a shiny new flavour of Shaper. Will Kate’s high-memory rig and numerous shady contacts allow her to keep up with the economic heavyweight of Eric and his Weyland Consortium’s Blue Sun? May the cold war commence.


Summer Kit – Round 3, Game 1: Near-Earth Hub vs. Valencia – The Métropole Grid

The third round of the Summer 2015 Tournament Kit at BD Cosmos in Laval on 07/23/2015! Preparing for the 2015 North American Netrunner Nationals at Gen Con, Jon pits his no-nonsense ‘Butcher Shop’ Near-Earth Hub deck against Eric’s intrepid Valencia Estevez. Will the ‘Angel of Cayambe’ be able to dig up enough dirt on the world’s largest information corporation, or will she simply contribute to the ever increasing fatal traffic collision statistics?