U.S. Nationals 2016 : Top Eight – Game Three: Andromeda vs. Cerebral Imaging – The Métropole Grid

Game three of the U.S. Nationals at Origins Game Fair brings us a quite unique match-up: second-seed Ben Blum is at the helm of his 7-point Cerebral Imaging combo deck, as Eric Steiger and our favourite ex-ristie, Andromeda, refuses to relent with the hard siphons and accesses. Through the efficiency of discounted doubles, will the accelerated plans of Haas-Bioroid’s cerebral division come to fruition, or will our aggressive criminal runner sap not only credits, but also their minds?

U.S. Nationals 2016 : Top Eight – Game One: Near-Earth Hub vs. Kate – The Métropole Grid

After a grueling day of Swiss rounds at the Origins Game Fair in Columbus, Ohio, eight players rise to the top of the 2016 Netrunner U.S. Nationals. After a well deserved night’s rest, day two brings the competitors back together on the convention hall floor, to duke it out for the title of U.S. National Champion.

Game one is a match-up between two fellow Ohioans: top-seed Josh Wilson and his murderous Near-Earth Hub, as he protects his servers from newcomer Michael Kuehm and his unconventionally destructive Kate.

Store Championship II – Finals – Game 1: Noise vs. Near-Earth Hub – The Métropole Grid

After five full rounds of Swiss and a top eight double-elimination, we are left with two title contenders: Ottawa’s illustrious Alex, and Montréal mainstay Nadim. Can Nadim’s hyper-fast-advance Near-Earth Hub go the distance, as he claws his way back from losers’ bracket? Or will the disruption of Noise prove to be too much for the horizontal servers of our favourite lunar broadcast center?

Store Championship II – Game 4: Reina Roja vs. Titan Transnational – The Métropole Grid

The aggressive Anarchs continue to make a stand at the top tables of the MultiZone Store Championship, using their hateful means to pummel the not so sure-footed corporations. Can Ottawa ambassador Hany and his Keyhole Reina disassemble the business minded investors of Weyland subsidiary Titan Transnational, as piloted by Métropole Grid’s own Andrej?