Summer Kit II – Round 3, Game 2: Laramy Fisk vs. Haarpsichord Studios – The Métropole Grid

Lights, camera, action! We return to Old Hollywood, the glitzy home of NBN’s own entertainment division, Haarpsichord Studios. Behind those studio walls lie the sensies of tomorrow, as they are expertly crafted by the brightest minds and biggest stars. A profitable operation like such attracts the attention of many hopeful investors, including the sharply dressed business insider, Laramy Fisk. Will his plans for aggressive expansion allow him to infiltrate and leak this summer’s next big blockbuster, or will it be just another flop?


Summer Kit II – Round 3, Game 1: Chronos Protocol vs. Geist – The Métropole Grid

The Universe of Tomorrow Expo continues, as the Underway’s very own Los Muertos’ tech-lord unleashes an all out assault on the servers of the brand new Jinteki mind-mapping division, Chronos Protocol. Breakers will be trashed, accounts will be siphoned, and runners will definitely be zapped. Can the genetic experts successfully disassemble the mind of the charming tech-lord, or will they be thwarted by a invaluable trip to the AR Lab?