Randolph Cube Draft – Game 4 – The Métropole Grid

The fourth game of the cube draft at Randolph Pub Ludique sees the return of my drafted “fast-advance but I also have a Caprice Nisei, so that’s good” corp deck, as it pairs up against Scott’s stealth breaker suite. Will the late-game efficiency of stealth be worth the lack of early game pressure? Can my unorthodox ICE suite stand it’s own against the silent and cost-effective set of bladed programs? Will this be the rise of BlacKat!?

Randolph Cube Draft – Game 3 – The Métropole Grid

The third game of the cube draft at Randolph Pub Ludique has Scott’s expertly drafted corporation attempt to hold off my very own “mostly good stuff” runner. Tension mounts as identifying scoring windows becomes increasingly difficult with most cards being played straight from the grip. Perhaps the runner can capitalize on a small hole in the intrusion countermeasures, as I embrace my winter spirit.