Tournament Report: 1st at Philly

bblum’s tournament report on his first place regionals victory with Kate and NEH.


Minnesota Regionals at FFG Center 2nd Place Tournament Report by Abram Jopp

A Tournament Report with Noise and NEH from the Minnesota Regionals at FFG Center by Abram Jopp.


Tournament Report, 1st Place Cambridge Regionals

Jason Deng breaks down his road to the Cambridge Regionals, along with tournament details.


Tournament Report 2nd Place Palm Bay, Florida Regionals by Ve Herrmann

In her first article for StimHack, Ve Herrmann brings us a 2nd place report from Palm Bay Regionals with PPVP Kate and Replicating Perfection


Running on Italics: Chrome City [Runner]

Ess and Cee tackle the Chromest of Cities, running wild over Cybernetics.


Breaker Bay Set Review

Accomplished player and StimHack forum member Crunchums presents his own set review of Breaker Bay.

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