Mediohxcore’s Upstalk Set Review

Here for his first set review, Mediohxcore gives you the scoop on Upstalk, letting you know which cards to splash, and which cards to trash.

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Cube Drafting: 101

Everything you need to know about Cube drafting, as well as the current StimHack Cube lists.

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Philadelphia Regionals 2014 1st Place Report

1st place tournament report for the 87 player Philadelphia Regionals by our own Dan D’Argenio, AKA Mediohxcore

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Official StimHack League is Now Live!

The Official StimHack League is now up and running.

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Runner Econ 101

Our latest article comes to us from the new StimHack author Ben Conn. Ben proposes a new way of talking and thinking about various runner economies.

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