The Two Year Turn: How I Learned Netrunner by Noah McKee

Noah McKee, fresh off his top 4 finish at Worlds, gives us his insight on how he took his game to the top level through discipline, hard work, and critical, systematic self-examination.


The Road to Nationals by Dale Quimpo

Dale, known online as kookoobah, has recenetly rocketed himself to the bubbling Asian Netrunner scene, taking 2nd place in the PSI games in a memorable performance, as well as 1st place in the Nationals of his home country, the Philippines.

Drug Dealer

Running on Italics: Old Hollywood [Runner]

“My gerbil could write a better flavour review.”


Worlds 2015 – Predictions and Useless Banter to Bide Your Time

I have decided to put forth some predictions for Worlds. Some of these will be quite accurate, while most are just jokes or dead wrong. Let’s dive in, shall we?


Path Length: Why no one uses Chum

New author Brandon Long presents a rigorous analysis of “path length” and how we can use it to analyze the value of various cards.


Premiere Stimhack Invitational Fact Sheet

The official rules document and fact sheet for the first annual PSI games.

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