QuantANR: The Next Generation of Anarch Event-Based Economies

Order and Chaos is right around the bend. This article investigates the possibility for the new Anarch econ engines that come with it.


QuantANR: Analysis of a Changing Meta

What causes a shift in the meta? The second in a series of quantitative studies of ANR.


A Comparison of Event-Based Runner Economies in ANR

How efficient is an economic engine? This article quantitatively investigates this fundamental question for event-based runner economies.


Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks: A Modern Gabe Primer

Fresh off the heels of a recent tournament win in Manchester, our newest contributing author, Andrew “Xenasis” Hynes, goes over his winning runner deck.

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Peddling Peddler – All Things Kit

Everything you ever wanted to know about Rielle “Kit” Peddler.

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