Teaching Netrunner: Part 3

This is part three of an article focused on helping experienced Android: Netrunner players teach the game to new players.

Mediohxcore Worlds

Mediohxcore’s 2014 World Championship Report: 1st Place



Worlds 2014 – The Jank That Gets one Through the Swiss (By Spags)

A Worlds 2014 Tournament Report by our very own Spags, the #1 seed after swiss.


DJ Hedgehog Reviews Up And Over

Hello everyone, and welcome! You will find below my ratings for the new “Up and Over” data pack. I know that these reviews can be contentious, so I want to start out by saying that…

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chaos theory

Script Kiddies #1 – The Facts

Hello everyone and welcome to the first edition of “Script Kiddies”! This is a series that’s going to be focused on the beginning player, and will give them some helpful hints on how to take…

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