Premiere Stimhack Invitational Fact Sheet

The PSI Games On Sunday, October 11, Stimhack will be hosting our second invitational OCTGN tournament, with registration open to Regional Champions, National Champions, and ANRPC circuit finals winners. The PSI games will feature the…

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Accelerated Beta Team

Team Fusion-Haa brings you the next big thing in HB mid-range… @Chill84, @Jdalart, @Arkidents, @Danwarr   Some netrunner cards are blatantly powerful, no one would disagree that Astroscript Pilot Program is pound for pound, a…

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Markus Batty

Running on Italics: The Underway [Corp]

Ess and Cee implement urban renewal, as they review the flavour of The Underway.


Running on Italics: The Underway [Runner]

Ess and Cee make Faustian bargains in The Underway.


Scaling the Netrunner AggroCrag by SimonMoon

Our newest featured author, SimonMoon, gives a rundown of what it means to be an “aggro” runner. He recently won Stimhack League 3, and a Store Championship, and placed top 8 at Philly regionals with his own aggro Maxx deck.

Oaktown Grid

Running on Italics: Chrome City [Corp]

Ess and Cee return to gush over the brilliantly dark Oaktown.

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