U.S. Nationals 2016 : Finals – Game Two: Pālanā Foods vs. Whizzard – The Métropole Grid

After a decisive victory at the final table, lower bracket’s Josh Wilson pushes the series on to a second grand final game, as he now prepares for an attack on the servers of meta-mate and friend Eric Caoili’s rushing Pālanā Foods. A repeat of an earlier match-up in the top eight, in which Eric triumphed in knocking Josh down to the lower bracket, serves to give both players a sense of foreboding familiarity and an understanding of what must be done. Which of these two chummy Ohioans will prevail, and snatch the title of 2016 U.S. National Champion?

Regional – Swansea (34 players)

Tournament Winner: Laurie Poulter Date: 2016-06-11 Hayley AC (45 cards)Hayley Kaplan: Universal ScholarEvent (2)2 ScavengeHardware (9)3 Astrolabe3 Clone Chip3 R&D InterfaceResource (21)2 Aesop's Pawnshop3 Artist Colony3 Daily Casts3 Fan Site1 Film Critic1 Hunting Grounds1 Political…

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Store Champs – Namur, Belgium (16 players)

Tournament Winner: Ron Zacapa Date: 2016-04-23 Event (15)3 Career Fair ●​●​●​2 Forked3 I've Had Worse2 Knifed1 Levy AR Lab Access ●​●​●​1 Spooned3 Sure GambleHardware (5)1 Archives Interface2 Clone Chip ●​●​●​●​○​○​2 TurntableProgram (13)2 D4v1d2 Datasucker3 Faust2…

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