[Not So…] Breaking News for NISEI

Whelp, this was a slow week. There isn’t a whole lot to say, but we did promise you we’d be back each week even just to tell you there’s no news. We wouldn’t want to be seen as liars, so… Uh…

What... I... Um...

For real, though, we do have a couple of things.

We started an “Ask Me Anything” or “Question & Answer” thread on the forum. While the original intent was to answer any questions people had regarding the leadership roles (which we are currently accepting applications for right here), the questions haven’t all been related to that. Feel free to really ask us anything (either in the thread or anonymously on this form); we’re not going to turn away any questions because they don’t fit with the original topic.

Speaking of the leadership roles, applications for those are only open for another week. We’ll be closing up submissions on July 13th. Keep in mind that this is just the end date for the applications, review and candidate selection will take as long as it takes (you can see who exactly will be doing the selection right here in our announcement).

Until next week: Stay plugged in. Never jack out. Always Be Running.

The Weekly Sweep

Alrighty then, what are the sweeps for this week? Behold:

  • Look, we said it was a slow week
  • Really though, not a lot to see here
  • I’m padding this because I’m a terrible person
  • Jacob and Jamie of the Android: Netrunner Comprehensive Unofficial Rules (ANCUR) Project have said that they will support NISEI
  • Discussion on #future-op in Stimhack Slack has been focused on alternative formats, such as how to do Cache Refresh post FFG support

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