Store Championship II – Game 1: SYNC vs. MaxX – The Métropole Grid

With the new tournament rules freshly in place (3.0.2), the crew from Montréal piles into a fleet of cars and drives on down to Gatineau to get their first taste of post-Most Wanted List action. The stiff competition from the Ottawa region seems irrelevant as two Montréalers, Vincent and Andrej, face off in their first game of the day. Can tag-me MaxX hold her own against a very fast tag-you SYNC?

[PeachHack] The Art of Running Ep. 2 – Ahmed (Stealth Kate) vs. Pacer (HB Glacier)

Ahmed, playing Kate, and Pacer, playing HB Glacier, play a game of Android: Netrunner for us, and then jump on the mic to talk about what was going through their minds as they played.

Ahmed’s Deck:
Pacer’s Deck:

The Art of Running is a show designed to let you see into the minds of experienced Netrunner players so you can understand why they make particular decisions and how they think about the game. The show is hosted by Ben Torell.

Store Championship – Finals – Game 1: Near-Earth Hub vs. Kate – The Métropole Grid

Just weeks after the announced NAPD Most Wanted List, Montréal has their first Store Championship of the 2016 Netrunner season. Only one final month left before NAPD’s mandatory (and exciting) security upgrades come into effect, the runners and corporations of Montréal are allowed one last stand with their favourite phone-based runner economy and substantial HB ICE. Can Toronto visitor Aaron go the distance, all the way from loser’s bracket, besting Jerome’s fast-advance NEH?