Store Championship II – Game 4: Reina Roja vs. Titan Transnational – The Métropole Grid

The aggressive Anarchs continue to make a stand at the top tables of the MultiZone Store Championship, using their hateful means to pummel the not so sure-footed corporations. Can Ottawa ambassador Hany and his Keyhole Reina disassemble the business minded investors of Weyland subsidiary Titan Transnational, as piloted by Métropole Grid’s own Andrej?

Winter Kit – Round 1, Game 2: Reina Roja vs. Blue Sun – The Métropole Grid

Deep inside the lunar power plant, a security console jumps to life. “Code red threat,” it warns, “Security protocols under attack!” Ms. Diego cracks a slow smile, “Red? Looks like our old friend is walking free once again.” Simone calmly sets down her warm mug of YucaBean and fires up the main power display. “All generators at full power!” she orders into the comms unit, “Initiate the security AIs!” Simone leans back at her security station as the entire complex begins to emit a soft and soothing hum, “It’s about time the Queen learned the true meaning of ‘Unlimited Power’.”

Regional – Zürich (24 players)

Tournament Winner: Tradon Date: 2015-06-20 Reina Roja – Criminal Anarchy D+Programs:1x D4v1d 3x Datasucker3x Eater3x Parasite2x Keyhole1x Imp Hardware:3x Clone Chip1x MemStrips2x VigilRessources:3x Liberated Account3x Same Old Thing1x Kati Jones 1x Hades Shard2x Symmetrical VisageEvents:1x…

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