GNK – Settlers (10 players)

Tournament Winner: Matthew Addison Date: 2016-01-24 3 Dirty Laundry3 Sure Gamble3 Special Order3 Account Siphon2 Inside Job2 Emergency Shutdown3 Desperado1 Plascrete Carapace2 R&D Interface1 HQ Interface1 Mimic2 Corroder1 Gordian Blade1 Femme Fatale3 Faerie2 Datasucker1 Sneakdoor…

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Summer Kit II – Round 2, Game 2: Chaos Theory vs. R.P. – The M├ętropole Grid

The young g-mod Chaos Theory sets aside her trusty console, and best friend, and pays a visit to a very shady Criminal type. Theophilius extinguishes his acrid smelling cigar, and for the first time since the brilliant child walked through his door, he does not speak in riddle, “What do you mean you can ‘print’ credits?” Chaos Theory smiled slyly. The wunderkind realized she was about to make a very powerful friend.