Canadian Nationals 2016: Finals – Game Two: E.T.F. (Andrej Gomizelj) vs. Valencia (Alex Bradley) – The Métropole Grid

Taking it to game two, Ottawa’s Alex Bradley holds on to his Canadian Nationals hopes, as he faces off one last time against Montréal’s Andrej Gomizelj. The grand finals pits Alex’s nosy Valencia, an extra-tall deck flush with Blackmails and Anarch tricks, against Andrej’s streamlined, very jammy, very rushy, Engineering The Future. A single victory is all either contender needs, to take home the title of Canadian National Champion.

Canadian Nationals 2016 : Top Eight – Game One: E.T.F. vs. Kate – The Métropole Grid

A full day of Swiss rounds narrows the competitive field at the 2016 Canadian Nationals down to eight final players. Those determined eight return for a second day of high-stakes Netrunning, to duke it out for the title of Canadian National Champion.

Game one is a return to core set staples, as Michigan’s Steven Jecmen pilots a sentry-heavy Engineering The Future against Montreal’s Julien Deville and his ‘one-turn-kill’ Kate. Are 14 clicks enough for the inventive Shaper to close out a game, or will the efficiency and speed of the reliable HB power through?


Regional – Liège (22 players)

Tournament Winner: Ron Zacapa Date: 2016-05-21 Event (17)3 Career Fair ●​●​●​1 Forked3 I've Had Worse2 Knifed1 Levy AR Lab Access ●​●​●​2 Making an Entrance1 Spooned3 Sure Gamble1 Déjà VuHardware (3)2 Clone Chip ●​●​●​●​○​○​1 TurntableProgram (13)2…

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