NISEI Update: Leadership applications closing soon!

It’s another short update this week. The major news is that today is the last day for leadership applications. If you are on the fence about whether to apply, you need to get off the fence now!

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The selection committee plans to close the forms at 13:00 UTC. Which is technically tomorrow in many places, but we didn’t want to cut off folks applying from places where it’ll only barely be tomorrow then.

If you have last-minute questions about the process, the Q&A thread is still up and we’re still responding to it. You can also ask non-leadership-application questions there!

Here are a couple highlights from that thread. On the details of how the leadership selection process will work:

Applications for positions will be read and reviewed by the Selection Committee. From there, the Selection Committee or the Acting Staff will follow up with prospective applicants if they think it is necessary prior to selection. This could involve questions, portfolio requests, or other things, but the main focus is to find candidates that are enthusiastic and are willing to work/compromise with a group of diverse opinions.

And on whether you should apply even if you aren’t sure you’re qualified (tl;dr: YES):

If you would like to take up a leadership position, but are worried that you’re not qualified, it’s absolutely fine to apply. It may very well be that the Selection Committee will like your qualifications more than you think!

Those who don’t want a leadership position, and who would rather be involved in a lower capacity, should wait. We can’t say for sure exactly how the leadership team will handle recruitment, since we want to leave things open for them to handle as they think best, but we expect that probably they will have some kind of applications or sign ups.

If you have a question that you want to ask anonymously, we have a form for that. Answers to questions from the form are posted in the Q&A thread.

The Weekly Sweep

  • The Reign & Reverie reprint has appeared on FFG’s Upcoming page. They opened preorders for it, but they seem to have closed those again. Amazon still seems to be taking preorders, at least.
  • Discussion about NISEI and other potential future projects ebbs and flows on Slack. If you joined #future, #future-design, or #future-op during a lull in the conversation, it may be worth checking back to see if there’s more discussion happening now.
  • Have we mentioned that leadership applications are about to close? Because leadership applications are about to close.
  • The Q&A thread has a lot more questions and answers than just the ones above. If you want more details about how things are going for NISEI, look there!

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