Buy / Sell / Hold – Post-MWL Slack Chat

Hello and welcome to this very special Slack Chat. Worlds is just around the corner, and we’re writing this on the eve of 1st October (aka Armageddon). To see out the old meta and usher in the new, myself and four other Netrunners are going to be playing a game of Buy/Sell/Hold as we try and figure out what the next few months of competitive Netrunner is going to look like. Here’s the story so far:

The year is 2*17, and four industrious traders have just received word of an impending Most Wanted List about to hit the Net, with some big names on the chopping block. The Fake Financial Trading Markets are already in turmoil with the recently announced so-called “rotato” and “core 2.0” M&As that have dominated recent casts, so it’s a perfect time for our traders to make a few extra TT Credits using this new insider information…

For our readers, this is what the terminology we’ll be using means:

  • Buy means “I believe this faction is in a better position compared to other factions than it was before rotation/Core 2/restricted list”
  • Sell means “I believe this faction is now weaker compared to the other factions”
  • Hold means “I believe it’s about the same” or alternately “I have no idea so I’m hedging”.

Before we begin, a quick run down of the stats from Know The Meta, which we’ll use as our baseline. Prior to any implementation of rotation, Core 2 or Ban/Restricted list, the faction split of the Top 30% of corps decks at tournaments that took place during the last 3 data packs looked like this:

  • Haas-Bioroid – 38%
  • Jinteki – 31%
  • NBN – 17%
  • Weyland -14%

And for the runners:

  • Anarch – 43%
  • Shaper – 28%
  • Criminal – 27%
  • Minifaction – 1.3%


    circadia (Sam Burdock): Any surprises there?

    callmedutch (Rufus Eyre-Varnier): seems about right

    ouroboros (Dan Strong): More than 1% minis!?

    circadia: Yeah Sunny was crushing it in like… two tournaments?

    callmedutch: some people like to dream Dan

    ouroboros: I think I might expect NBN to be a bit higher
    sync was well placed
    but it wasn’t that prevalent

    guy.patching (Guy Patching): Sometimes you have to factor in the “cool” factor. NBN wasn’t a “cool” thing to take to a GNK / SC if you wanted to be different you’d do something different. Some of these tournaments were not super intense nationals.

    nemamiah (Chris Dyer): That’s in line with what I saw for the past three months
    Though I suspect if you just looked at the last data pack Criminal would be well above Shaper

    ouroboros: Oh huh, shaper were above criminal?

    callmedutch: yeah Lock Hayley and co took a real dive later on

    circadia: Chris is correct, Crimson Dust was good for Criminal

    nemamiah: Shaper were above criminal were until The Great and Powerful Turtle came out

    ouroboros: HAIL


    the turtle that would be king

    circadia: Well on that note, let’s crack on! Ding ding! (That’s the trading floor bell, obv.) First up – the corps.

    guy.patching: (ALL HAIL THE BELL)


    circadia: Let’s begin with the green-haired stepchild of competitive netrunner. Weyland – buy/sell/hold?

    callmedutch: BUY

    ouroboros: BUY BUY BUY BABY

    nemamiah: Buy buy buy!

    guy.patching: I’ll buy, but with neither capitals nor repetition.

    circadia: Go on Guy, why the reticence?

    guy.patching: I think we’re going to go through a very brief period where everyone will laugh and say that Weyland are now the faction to fear tags in, and burn some yellow, and they’ll regret doing that once someone turns their fiendish attention back to NBN. So Weyland will be left with the 7th point problem, and it will be not as great at finishing as other factions
    That said I’m still a “buy”, just think it’ll be a readjustment rather than a zoomzoom climb

    ouroboros: I certainly won’t be buying stock in weyland kill decks

    callmedutch: I think Guy, you’re underestimating how good Skorp is right now

    callmedutch: Don deck is basically untouched by changes no?

    ouroboros: Don’s skorp rush is fearsome, and I personally think Titan FA is also a deck to be feared

    nemamiah: My position is based on the fact that I really didn’t rate any Weyland decks before rotation. There was just too much hate around
    But now there’s much less Strike, probably less Critic, and Weyland didn’t lose anything relevant

    circadia: When I think about Weyland I think about three broad archetypes, Garg HHN prison, Titan FA and Skorp Rush. Those all seem fairly well placed after the changes? But they all have hate too.

    callmedutch: oh yeah Gaga is still good too bluergh
    with only Museum on the Restricted list they can have that and Whampoa + Preemptive to provide recursion

    nemamiah: Titan fast advance and Skorp rush feel like the most ‘obvious’ decks from October for me. Doesn’t necessarily mean they’re the best, but lots of people will play them
    I’m not buying Gagarin though
    I think people are probably underestimating how significant Mumbad City Hall was to Gagarin decks

    ouroboros: Yeah I don’t think Weyland will be the dominant faction by any stretch, but it has tier 1/1.5 decks now, whereas pre-rotation it just had nothing

    guy.patching: I am working on the principle that it was still winning 14% of Top 30. I think it’ll cap out at around 20-25% . And I think it’ll do that in Skorp, and possibly mad Jemison.

    circadia: Bold prediction on Jem there. I’d love to see that happen

    guy.patching: If I make 20-30 bold predictions then in six months time I can point to the one that’s right, nod sagely, and go “I’m a genius”

    ouroboros: It’s worth noting as well that the banlist helps Titan a lot
    as runners now basically have to choose between critic, strike and clot lock
    rather than packing all 3

    nemamiah: The only argument against Titan is that your worst matchup is Shaper, and that’s probably not where you want to be right now


    circadia: Moving onto the scourge of Worlds 2016… NBN – buy/sell/hold?

    ouroboros: Sell

    callmedutch: hold

    guy.patching: Buy

    nemamiah: Hold, with a slightly optimistic outlook

    circadia: Variation!
    Dan, you’re the odd one out
    What’s wrong with our favourite news network?

    ouroboros: Pre-rotation there was precisely one good NBN deck: Fiery Sync
    Sync is dead

    callmedutch: as we know it

    ouroboros: That said banning Aaron makes a big difference, and Sol and CTM may be making a comeback
    but I remain skeptical
    to be honest with you I’m verging on a hold

    circadia: I was gonna say re: CTM, table scoring AR Enhanced Security in CTM could be crushing

    nemamiah: I kind of agree with Dan, but the difference is that before there were no great NBN decks, one very good one and no good ones
    Now there are no great or very good ones, but maybe three or four good ones?
    So the faction is weaker at the top end, but deeper in options than it was before

    ouroboros: That’s a good point Chris, although the maximum power of an NBN deck has probably decreased, the average may have risen

    callmedutch: are we all forgetting that NBN has the best card for 0 inf, Special Report!

    ouroboros: You and that card
    it’s not good Rufus

    guy.patching: I think you’ve got to look at the amount of cards that used to sit on the table and the NBN player would go “well, this is terrible and I hate my opponent” that are now gone away.

    circadia: Absolutely, Astro and News disappearing makes NBN far less threatening as a faction


    guy.patching: NACH – Marron – Temujin – Moose . All huge new for a faction that wants to say “You’re at risk of a tag problem here, you’ll need money”

    callmedutch: I agree but runner econ has been destroyed as well, plus Mopus is on the restricted list

    nemamiah: It’s hard to overstate just how bad Aaron was for NBN, no matter how fond of hyperbole you are. Even though the card it was designed to shut down, Breaking News, is gone, the fact that Aaron is banned makes me feel a lot better about the faction

    circadia: A huge thing to consider is that every corp deck is getting a 3 inf bump because of Jackson going
    Except for NBN

    callmedutch: well its 3 inf bump from Breaking News sam

    circadia: D’oh

    ouroboros: That’s true to an extent, Sam
    but corps will probably still need to splash for some flooding mitigation in most cases

    callmedutch: but my Special Report

    ouroboros: Miraju stock is going through the roof right now.

    guy.patching: Its a bubble.

    callmedutch: all hail Dans Miraju tactics

    nemamiah: As an aside, can I buy all the stock in Preemptive Action and hold a fire sale on all other Jackson ‘replacements’?

    circadia: No, because you can’t buy stock in neutral cards
    That’s like… buying stock in the government or something

    nemamiah: Bonds, you mean

    ouroboros: So it’s government bonds?

    circadia: Whatever, I didn’t think the analogy through

    nemamiah: Anyway, I think the point that NBN need a ‘victory condition’ is absolutely correct

    guy.patching: See I think there’s a point at which a game where they runner is tagged to high heaven and NBN can exchange at will makes the runner victory condition a lot trickier as well, and puts NBN far more in control of the game than we might suspect

    nemamiah: The problem is that most runners can let NBN get to five points
    At which point they’re so setup that you’ll never be able to reach that ‘tag hell’

    ouroboros: I mean who knows, with runner econ tanked, they might even be able to score out… behind ice!
    dum dum DUUUUUM


    circadia: Sol Glacier is an archetype that will be revisited, I’m sure
    (Iced Lemonade decks, I call them)

    ouroboros: Scarcity of Resources is pretty brutal right now.

    nemamiah: Yeah, Scarcity has never looked better

    guy.patching: I don’t think a runner that is “set up” looks as dominant as it once did
    With the loss of huge econ cards and the Medium delivery system now offline
    And corps being willing to spend on big ice
    I think the idea of a crushing end of game board state is really difficult

    circadia: Yeah, you choose between Opus or clot lock, can’t have both

    ouroboros: I don’t know, Congress Kate style durdle-shapers look pretty scary
    there’s still a lot of runner drip econ
    I suppose the hope is that Weyland will outpace them

    nemamiah: All the explosive, reliable and early economy is gone, but that just means that it takes longer to set that oppressive board state up
    If you give them time to establish it it’s still just as oppressive as it ever was

    ouroboros: I agree with Chris here

    nemamiah: And you have worse tools to counter it

    callmedutch: I feel like we’re getting off topic

    guy.patching: Aye. I think I’ll just agree to disagree with the world champ

    circadia: Let’s move on before Rufus brings up Special Report again. Next up: Jinteki – buy/sell/hold?

    guy.patching: Buy

    callmedutch: hold

    ouroboros: This is a tough one… sell I think

    nemamiah: Yeah, I’ll sell
    But with the caveat that I tend to chronically underrate Personal Evolution decks

    ouroboros: Where’s our :crying-caprice: emoji
    I’m in denial about PE

    nemamiah: We can get flatlined together, Dan

    callmedutch: I almost got you Dan, even with Caldera out

    circadia: Who are you buying stock in, Guy?

    guy.patching: I think the reason that I’m keenest to buy is that I’m not specifying just one ID. PE basically got to write a lot of the current changes. Meanwhile all of a sudden Aginfusion is saying “Are you really going to take Employee Strike as your chosen card” and a variety of decks are still sitting on Marcus Batty in a world where Shapers are having to think hard about Clone Chips.
    It has too many weird vectors of attack, and too many potentially huge IDs, to not want to buy it right now

    circadia: Yeah that’s huge – Aginfusion got a big bump, no?

    callmedutch: yeah Excalibur cheese worries me

    ouroboros: I strongly disagree that Aginfusion got a bump
    Caprice is so core to jinteki glacier, and the turtle makes Excalibur very sad.

    nemamiah: So my sell is based on the fact that before, AgInfusion was pretty good, IG was playable and there was some net damage stuff that might catch people out.
    Now Aginfusion is still pretty good, IG is unplayable and there is some net damage stuff that might catch people out

    circadia: IG is a super interesting one
    Because people were saying that it was going to be the deck to beat

    ouroboros: They were?

    nemamiah: I was all in on IG until the MWL update gutted its agenda suite

    circadia: That’s it, right
    Loss of Obo and GFI just killed it

    nemamiah: And you’ve lost Fetal to rotation, so you can’t even compensate for that

    circadia: I don’t even know what an IG agenda suite would look like, it’s that bad
    3 TFPs and…

    ouroboros: uuuh braintrust?

    callmedutch: 3 Obo 3 TFP 1 Philotic?

    ouroboros: And no Bioethics?

    guy.patching: If you’ll excuse me I have a tiny violin to play for IG


    nemamiah: All Shapers will have multiple Sac Cons, by the way. Batty cheese is much worse than it used to be, and you really don’t want to be firing that dude for a simple end the run
    I do still think AgInfusion is good though

    callmedutch: Palana is still ok imo

    circadia: I think the main idea is to fire Batty with an Excal, then Bump or Nisei
    Yeah weirdly I’ve seen lots of Palana since MWL update
    What’s that about?

    ouroboros: Good rush ID

    nemamiah: Econ IDs are good

    callmedutch: Panic Pal, Sam

    guy.patching: I think you may well see lots of Sac Cons, I’d agree, but its just another thing Shaper have to have on the board before challenging a Nisei. and all of the time they’re doing that they’re not getting credits
    But again I feel I digress

    circadia: We’ll get to Shaper…
    (said every competitive player ever)

    nemamiah: You can’t play Netrunner in a vacuum

    ouroboros: One day Chris
    one day my dreams of space netrunner will be realised
    I’ll be the first person to play netrunner in a vacuum

    guy.patching: (also, as an aside, Jinteki ice suite unhit)

    nemamiah: It’s better, right?

    callmedutch: I wouldn’t run chiyashi right now

    nemamiah: Kakugo and Komainu are unholy terrors

    ouroboros: Kakugo, what a god-awful oppressive mistake ice

    guy.patching: That’s what I meant by “unhit” I meant “unhit by Parasite”

    ouroboros: I like that Komainu is good again though

    circadia: Faerie and Sunny breakers still exist for Komainu
    But Kakugo… yeah

    ouroboros: Your kakugo answer is basically caldera/feedback filter
    Shame net filter rotated huh

    guy.patching: … net Shield

    nemamiah: I think every single Jinteki deck takes OboPro as its restricted card

    ouroboros: 100%

    callmedutch: yes

    circadia: Probably

    ouroboros: that agenda is bonkers

    guy.patching: I think some PE will take Bioethics
    But you won’t know it until its too late

    ouroboros: nah seems bad tbh
    bioethics is cute, but obokata is so solid in PE

    circadia: I think you’d be more likely to see Bioethics in PU
    Because of the double dipping

    guy.patching: Well feel free to run my facedown remotes to check..

    circadia: No thanks…

    ouroboros: installs Caldera

    circadia: And the giant of 2017… until now?! Haas-Bioroid – buy/sell/hold?

    callmedutch: buy

    ouroboros: Sell

    guy.patching: Sell, but keep the bulk of the stock.

    nemamiah: Yeah, agree with Guy

    ouroboros: Are you really saying you think HB is better now Rufus?
    For the record I also agree with Guy

    circadia: Explain yourself Rufus!

    guy.patching: grabs pitchforks

    callmedutch: HB is still really strong rn
    the Fairchildren have come out to play

    ouroboros: Sure it’s ok but it’s not Moons Rufus!
    You’re a madman
    you’ll be ruined

    nemamiah: Moons and CI were streets ahead of every other Corp pre rotation
    They were so obviously the best decks that it wasn’t even funny

    guy.patching: I will say that we’re all about to see a lot of MCA Austerity policy

    callmedutch: CI spam decks are making waves on jnet

    circadia: So if you think NBN’s stock has dropped off with no scoring plan, Weyland you may still have reason to doubt, and Jinteki is about the same… HB is still king?

    ouroboros: I think even if HB is still king it’s a clear sell

    guy.patching: Yeah. what you’re saying is that it’ll be around 40%+ of top decks
    And that’s a big ask for any faction

    nemamiah: I think HB are still good, there’s about four different viable CI builds
    That’s why it’s not a hard sell
    But I don’t think you can overstate how good they were before

    ouroboros: Yeah no one’s saying HB are bad, but there’s absolutely no way they’re better than they were pre-rotation

    callmedutch: I will make it my mission to make AoT good

    guy.patching: I don’t think it’ll be a hard mission by any stretch

    circadia: AoT can get bonkers pretty quickly, I’ve found

    guy.patching: Absolutely
    I think it’ll win games, rather than just (in the hands of the right player) absolutely crush games, like it did in the moons hayday

    circadia: Like I’d venture to say it’s the second best HB ID

    nemamiah: I can get on board with that, Sam

    ouroboros: Yeah I agree with that assessment also.

    nemamiah: Especially because 12 influence hurts much less than it used to

    callmedutch: I think getting 20 creds off CFC Excavation is pretty nuts

    ouroboros: Best Case Evaluation Rufus strikes again

    guy.patching: Like, can I tell a quick anecdote, it’s about Chris?

    nemamiah: Book clock!

    ouroboros: Book clock!

    circadia: Does it involve whispers Brainstorm?

    guy.patching: No. Brainstorm is a secret tech that shall remain secret..

    nemamiah: (I broke a Brainstorm at Nats. Brings my total record to 4 Brainstorms rezzed against me, 15 brain damage suffered)

    guy.patching: I’m watching the final of BABW at Reading
    And its Chris versus Jonny. Chris is attacking Jonny’s Moons
    And not long into it he siphons HQ with a rezzed Caprice
    To me, the reason you sell HB right now is that you’re not seeing decks that are going to tell the very best players in the game “do utterly mad things, because the only way you win this is by doing really bold high risk plays”
    That’s my book clock. And I am hoping it is illustrative of the point

    circadia: What’s a book clock?

    ouroboros: story time

    guy.patching: Story time!


    circadia: Goddamit

    ouroboros: it’s a meme!

    circadia: But let’s talk about Moons in CI
    Because… you have VLC to create absurd power plays with SFT

    nemamiah: It’s still pretty good, right?
    But not mind bendingly ridiculous like it used to be

    circadia: And Restore is an ok card

    callmedutch: is archived mem still in core?

    circadia: Yes

    callmedutch: yeah CI seems good

    nemamiah: That’s why CI is still good, because in a game low on explosive economy cards the Clearances are way above the baseline
    And it’s why is flexible, because playing those six cards enables you to do almost anything you want

    ouroboros: So, I’m not the greatest deckbuilder, but I find that moons CI decks struggle to get a good number of assets in after slotting all the clearances
    I think going ahead we might just see CI going all-in on op econ more than using assets

    circadia: I think you can build it with just VLC and standard moons asset spam. But I’m not good at moons, so I wouldn’t know…

    callmedutch: tbf i only played 1 CI recently and it was Ashigaru + Slee combo

    circadia: Did you die Rufus?

    callmedutch: yes….

    circadia: Uh oh…

    callmedutch: I forgot Slee was a thing

    ouroboros: I’ve been seeing a lot of Stinson CI
    which is
    but also probably ok?

    circadia: That’s important though
    Is it Sandburg CI? Ashigaru? Moons? Some weird 7 point combo?
    They’re all viable-ish

    nemamiah: Yeah, I’d expect CI to be just as dominant in faction as ETF ever was, at least for the near future

    circadia: Ok! To wrap our corp discussion, let’s have a quick round of over/under for predicting the World’s meta. Over meaning more likely or more prevalent, and under meaning less likely/less prevalent.
    Asset spam will make up 50% of decks on day 2 at this year’s worlds – over/under?

    ouroboros: under

    callmedutch: under

    nemamiah: Way under

    guy.patching: Under

    ouroboros: yeah quite substantially under

    circadia: Whizzard, you did your job
    And now you may rest

    ouroboros: I mean really the restricted list did most of the work
    the wildcard here is that if someone makes CTM good it might be over

    guy.patching: That said. I think there will be decks with 4-5 remotes
    Just… not 20

    circadia: Redefining spam… I like it.

    nemamiah: Right, I have quite a high bar to clear before you get to spam
    So CtM never qualified as asset spam in my mind

    circadia: Next one:
    There’s a 20% chance we’ll all be getting full art Project Atlas next year when Weyland wins worlds – over/under?

    callmedutch: over

    guy.patching: Under

    nemamiah: Push?

    callmedutch: less than 20% guy!!!
    I think its 25-30%

    guy.patching: Yep. more like 10

    ouroboros: hmm I need to think about this one
    I’m going to go over I think

    circadia: I have no idea what Push means, but I’m guessing it means you’re fence sitting and I don’t like it

    nemamiah: By ‘push’ I mean that I think the line is almost exactly right

    ouroboros: I suspect weyland will be the second best faction

    guy.patching: I think Skorp right now is what NBN was before the 2015 Worlds.
    It’s what they’ll play on the plane

    nemamiah: As of a week ago I would have definitely said over
    But I’m cooling on Weyland quite rapidly

    circadia: Last one, for funsies: there’s a 33% chance that a psi game of some variety will decide at least one game in the cut at worlds – over/under?

    guy.patching: WAY over

    nemamiah: Yeah, over

    callmedutch: over

    ouroboros: uh under?
    what are you guys talking about?

    circadia: Ok, but WHAT psi game?

    nemamiah: Batty

    callmedutch: Batty

    circadia: On a what?

    guy.patching: Batty AND Voter Intimidation

    circadia: Ooh, VI

    ouroboros: I’m not sold on this
    at all

    circadia: That’s fine Dan, I didn’t ask you to buy

    guy.patching: My heart says Batty on Inazuma, but my brain say Excalibur

    nemamiah: For bonus points; it’ll be Batty to trigger a Fairchild 2 sub to inflict a brain damage that makes the game winning OboPro unstealable
    That’s how you make a bold prediction, folks

    circadia: Halfway through the trading day, and it’s time to talk runners.
    Let’s begin with Big Blue Criminals – buy/sell/hold?

    ouroboros: hold

    callmedutch: hold

    nemamiah: Hold

    guy.patching: Sell

    nemamiah: Huh, I thought I was going to the odd one out here

    circadia: Holders, what’re you waiting for?!

    ouroboros: are criminals good? who even knows?
    so Siphon is gone which is
    they’re still ok?

    callmedutch: yeah its tough right

    nemamiah: Criminal used to have one good deck that was okay against the field and literally nothing else

    nemamiah: That’s exactly the position they’re in now
    Only it’s a different deck

    circadia: Geist?

    nemamiah: Yeah, the big shirtless doofus

    guy.patching: Geist is a minifaction with blue cards
    I’d agree that those decks have a real boost
    But I don’t think it makes up for the loss of Andy decks
    Which, let’s face it, were everywhere

    circadia: You could say the same about Garg being a minifaction though

    callmedutch: Geist has the Miraju problem
    which he has no real answer for

    circadia: And the scarcity problem

    ouroboros: You know I just completely forgot Geist
    with him in the mix I might be a buy!

    guy.patching: Andy was the “I don’t know what to play but want to be competitive” runner for many a tournament

    nemamiah: North American players seemed to rate Andy much higher than we did in the UK, so might disagree with this assessment
    But although she was popular I don’t think it was a great deck

    guy.patching: It made an effective Medium delivery system
    And that was always a great play, especially around middle tables

    ouroboros: I think Andy was a good all-rounder deck, so she was good in a varied meta

    guy.patching: It was a great “screw your jank” end game

    circadia: KTM says Crims were slightly overrepresented in the general field than the top 30%
    But not by a huge amount

    ouroboros: the trouble is the UK meta was moons as far as the eye can see, and Andy didn’t love that matchup

    nemamiah: While we’re on Criminal, I’ll buy stocks in Turtle all day
    That card is going to be in about 70% of decks

    circadia: Turtle is great but… it’s not really a Crim card at one inf

    callmedutch: all hail our new turtle overlord

    ouroboros: I have mixed feelings about turtle to be honest
    it’s certainly strong
    but also perhaps easy to tech for?

    callmedutch: yeah IP block is kinda hurting it

    circadia: CVS in archives too

    ouroboros: IP block, CVS, icing all your centrals with anything str 3 or over really
    and that’s not even getting into the other anti-AI ice

    nemamiah: It’s so good that you play it despite all this tech though

    ouroboros: Yeah I think you’re probably right Chris

    guy.patching: I think Crims are going to struggle to control anything that can Fast advance, they’re going to struggle to win econ wars, they’re going to struggle to get the right influence split

    circadia: Econ is the big thing for Crims, I agree
    They got hurt the most economically

    nemamiah: I’ve yet to see anything approaching a competitive Criminal deck that isn’t Geist

    guy.patching: And I can’t see a lot of reason for corps to not take Scarcities
    As it’ll hurt nearly every runner they’re going to play and hate

    callmedutch: I think Tony Oxford is ok

    circadia: (That’s Steve Cambridge for those readers who don’t know our Slack jokes)

    ouroboros: he’s not terrible, but he’s tier 2 at most I think
    probably less

    nemamiah: Maxwell James is a crazy card, though. That’s something that the faction has

    ouroboros: Maxwell is great

    guy.patching: When we start seeing news cards I am looking forward to crims, and I think they’ll rise, but as a “snapshot” they’re just taken brutal damage
    And I can’t see a lot of reason for corps to not take Scarcities

    circadia: Scarcity is basically at war with Magnum Opus though
    So long as one exists, the other is pointless

    guy.patching: I completely disagree
    Because you’re making Sac Cons cost 2 credits, at the very least

    ouroboros: I think the other thing about scarcity is that outside of Sol it’s probably easier to clear, because it’s harder to manage flood
    one legwork will do it a lot of the time

    circadia: Moving on… Whizzard got boomed, but what about the rest of his brethren? Anarchs – buy/sell/hold?

    ouroboros: SELL

    callmedutch: hold

    ouroboros: SELL THEM ALL

    nemamiah: Sell, but not everything

    guy.patching: Sell, but it’s not junk .

    ouroboros: oh well ok maybe not everything

    nemamiah: Wow Rufus

    circadia: Let’s put it like this… Rufus – how many cards do they have to ban for you to sell Anarch?

    ouroboros: Rufus is nuts and has no conception of relative strength ()

    callmedutch: never
    Anarch till I die

    ouroboros: A quiz for the readers: can you guess Rufus’s favourite factions?

    nemamiah: I think my take is that Anarch had what, four top tier decks pre rotation?

    callmedutch: Anarch still has a lot of power at its disposal

    circadia: So let’s talk about the upshot – econ denial is now much better in Anarch than Crim, isn’t it?

    guy.patching: I think econ denial will be Los, for what its worth

    nemamiah: Anarch have better central pressure than any other faction
    I initially thought they were totally unplayable, but that econ denial and disruption give you something
    But I’m not sure it’s quite there and anyway all Anarch decks kind of look the same right now

    ouroboros: I’m not sure I agree with that assessment Sam
    Mining Accident is decent, but shutdown is more impactful a lot of the time

    guy.patching: I think the reason I am keeping some of my Anarch stock is the HQ hand size pressure, Omar, and they still have cards that let you access crazy amounts of cards

    callmedutch: Val, Omar and Maxx are all tier 1 imo

    ouroboros: Rufus
    are wrong

    circadia: MAXX?
    I cry everytime I look at MaxX

    ouroboros: also mad
    also wrong

    callmedutch: Maxx has 1 problem
    which is stupid skorp

    circadia: And no Deja

    ouroboros: MaxX has one problem, the best deck in the second best faction
    which is completely unbeatable to her!
    what could possibly go wrong

    circadia: MaxX has to take Levy which means no Strike, no Opus

    guy.patching: Nah just take Trope, It’ll be fine

    nemamiah: Maw and Bhagat are really good cards, in my opinion
    Wait, I just saw what Rufus said

    ouroboros: Hahaha

    nemamiah: That’s a hot take and a half

    ouroboros: Chris is much more polite than I am

    guy.patching: Many people are

    ouroboros: True that.


    callmedutch: all posers the lot of you, Anarch is glad to be rid of you

    circadia: Let’s talk Maw

    ouroboros: Go away Maw
    I’m trying to FA this Atlas
    stop it


    nemamiah: It’s the best card in the faction now

    circadia: Best console right now y/n?

    ouroboros: Yeah it’s brutal

    guy.patching: Yes. But not by a huge margin

    callmedutch: I like Obelus as well
    but Maw is super strong

    nemamiah: It’s so good that I’ve seen it in all three factions

    ouroboros: I mean I may be overrating it because I have almost exclusively been playing Titan FA and can I just say ugh maw ugh
    so annoying

    circadia: Can’t Audacity if you don’t have cards

    ouroboros: The combo with Turtle is real
    As Lukas intended

    guy.patching: I think Anarchs will become the faction that just messes with your stuff. Which is great
    But they’re not going to be capable of building an oppressive board state any more
    Which is why you sell stock

    callmedutch: yeah ICE destruction with Cutlery still hurts

    circadia: Yeah, I like that now Anarchs won’t be the faction of “take a broken card from another faction and play it with Deja”
    But that doesn’t make me want to buy them

    ouroboros: Knifed is now officially the best answer to Kakugo

    nemamiah: Much like HB, they were so far and away the best faction before
    They’re nowhere near that now
    So it has to be a sell

    circadia: Moving onto Shapers – buy/sell/hold?

    ouroboros: Buy

    nemamiah: Buy buy buy

    callmedutch: I want to sell cos I hate Smoke, but I’ll hold

    guy.patching: Buy
    But not thrice

    ouroboros: yeah I’m not massively enthusiastic about this

    nemamiah: I am

    circadia: I feel like Guy was the outlier in Corps, and Rufus is the boat-rocker for Runners

    callmedutch: like what does shaper have beside smoke?

    nemamiah: Hayley and Ayla are both possible

    guy.patching: They’re currently the “I don’t know what to play” faction so they’ll get the numbers but I think people will play them reactively, and not always have a game plan. That’s a recipe for disaster
    Exile got a lot of love in Core 2.0

    ouroboros: The restricted list has shaken up shaper a huge amount

    circadia: So ok – they got so many things on the restricted list, so I have to know – what are you all buying?

    nemamiah: Film Critic

    callmedutch: Film Critic

    guy.patching: Mopus

    ouroboros: Critic

    nemamiah: Or maybe Strike

    guy.patching: See this is what’s surprisng
    People have been saying “Mopus economy” as an answer all through corp
    And what are they saying they’ll slot?
    Film Critic!

    circadia: Critic is a bad card for bad players but whatever, I’m just running this show
    Yeah I know Guy – I don’t get that either
    Critic is way down on the priority list for me

    ouroboros: Have you read obokata protocol?

    circadia: Play a Diesel, git gud

    nemamiah: I hope you enjoy purging Tapwrms
    Because you’re going to be doing that a lot very soon

    guy.patching: I agree Tapwrms will be a thing
    But if runners rely on them they’re in trouble
    I think Shapers have to take Imp
    For sure

    ouroboros: That’s an interesting thought
    But Imp with no clone chips?

    circadia: Pretty sure you run it with clones
    Instead of Critic
    (There’s an idea for a deck name: Clones ain’t Critics)

    callmedutch: I had a Mopus CT scavenge their Mopus to get an SMC, to challenge my server with a double advanced Obo in it….. while they only had 3 cards in hand
    it was a delight as corp

    ouroboros: I think the only legit shaper deck right now is Smoke, really
    and Smoke wants critic over the other two

    nemamiah: Let’s also talk about a sightly scary prospect; there’s always the possibility that there’s a really dumb game breaking combo deck out there, and if it exists it’s in Shaper

    circadia: Well, Ayla got close to that with Cold Ones

    ouroboros: Maybe it’ll be crim next

    guy.patching: To be fair the last one was in Anarch

    nemamiah: Yeah, but then they banned all the good Anarch cards
    As a punitive reprisal

    guy.patching: Well there’s that
    I think Shaper is the best runner faction to be sure

    ouroboros: You don’t sound bitter at all Chris

    guy.patching: I couldn’t imagine why

    nemamiah: Apocalypse decks are probably playable again
    I’m not sure what faction it’s in though

    guy.patching: There are many ways to apoc.

    callmedutch: don’t spoil my tech Chris

    ouroboros: I think Criminal may compete with Shaper for top pick
    but there’s a huge amount of uncertainty here in my opinion
    because corps are so diverse it’s pretty unclear what the best runner is

    circadia: Doesn’t that benefit Shaper?
    Diverse corps want flexible runners

    ouroboros: Not with half the answers on restricted

    guy.patching: Artist Colony / Fan Site is great
    But as I say, Scarcity bothers me with that

    ouroboros: I’m not sure shapers are inherently more flexible than crim?

    circadia: I think they are, SMCs and lots of tech programs like D4, Imp, Misdirection

    ouroboros: Oh yeah Misdirection is looking ok isn’t it

    circadia: God yeah
    It’s almost autoinclude in a Shaper deck tbh

    nemamiah: Yeah, I like Shapers right now just because of that flexibility

    guy.patching: Plus they’re the best faction to clot lock
    Because its 2 influence and you’re going to have Sac Cons around

    ouroboros: I like how of those 4 pieces of shaper tech you mentioned 2 are shaper

    circadia: That’s why shapers are good! One ofs and SMCs!

    guy.patching: One offs in resources too –

    callmedutch: I think D4 is pretty bad in Shaper right now, no?
    like Clone chip and Aesop are on the list

    guy.patching: I think you see a lot more scavenge around
    Even Test Run in a pinch

    nemamiah: Yeah, I think that might be right Guy
    Scavenge, that is

    ouroboros: I would really like to build a shaper toolbox deck
    but econ is so hard with Aesop on restricted

    circadia: I think as Weyland’s stock goes up, so does Shaper
    Because SacCon for Skorp and Clot for Titan

    ouroboros: your puny clot cannot stop me!

    circadia: Bonus round! Let’s talk mini-factions – buy/sell/hold?

    ouroboros: uuuuh

    callmedutch: BUY
    Adam is going up in the world baby

    guy.patching: BUY

    ouroboros: I don’t have any stock in minfactions and I’m never going to acquire any
    so I guess that’s a hold

    nemamiah: Zero to zero is a hold, right?

    guy.patching: Booo


    guy.patching: I agree with Ruf… hmm.. uh oh

    callmedutch: Adam has a HQI people and Jackson is gone

    circadia: Chris and Dan have one track minds
    Sunny is ok, isn’t she?

    ouroboros: no?
    People always claim Sunny is ok
    then she turns out to have a 50 card deck size
    and no good cards

    circadia: Just run Quality t… oh

    guy.patching: For every person who says “Shaper lock is a problem” they need to tell me why Sunny doesn’t count

    nemamiah: Does she do anything that Shaper doesn’t?

    ouroboros: Guy, one word: SMC

    callmedutch: just run build script

    nemamiah: Shapers get to play a bunch of really good green cards. Sunny gets to play Another Day, Another Paycheck

    guy.patching: Sunny has 25 influence to play with
    And a way to avoid the worst ice in faction
    I’m not saying she is AS good as Shaper

    callmedutch: Apex will get their new 5 cost filppy card

    guy.patching: But between her, and Adam gaining AND Apex gaining
    Minifaction is a definite buy

    circadia: I guess Adam is quite happy about less assets to force-trash
    But no Temujin makes him a hold for me

    ouroboros: the 25 inf in the minifactions isn’t actually an advantage
    because their card pools are so ridiculously small

    nemamiah: Yeah, I tried to work out the effective influence of mini factions once, when you take in to account all the stuff they’re missing out on. It came out at about -5

    guy.patching: But the thing is you have to compare to the world we had before
    Sunny was a completely joke against decks with insane tempo
    And no decks have insane tempo anymore
    Adam was a joke against decks that wanted to fight an econ war
    And fewer do now, so he’s better

    circadia: Corps are definitely slower, that’s true
    If you add like three turns on to their average win, Sunny might come out ok

    nemamiah: Plenty of Corps will try to go fast though

    ouroboros: Sunny will just fold to any weyland

    circadia: Yeah, Rush is also back

    ouroboros: well maybe not gaga

    guy.patching: Sure, but the fast decks used to draw like… 4-5 cards on their turn

    callmedutch: Rush rush rush
    it makes me so sad when Anarchs inject the right answer

    circadia: Finally, as with the corps, let’s think over/unders for runners at Worlds 2017.
    Magnum Opus will be the restricted card in 40% of decks on day 2 at this year’s worlds – over/under?

    callmedutch: under

    nemamiah: Under

    guy.patching: Under, by a little

    ouroboros: waaaaay under

    callmedutch: like 10%

    nemamiah: 10% is my gut feeling as well

    ouroboros: that seems in the right ballpark to me (edited)

    circadia: I feel like Anarchs might be leaning on it a lot
    Frantic is still a thing

    ouroboros: Anarchs, the faction that will be least represented on day 2? 😉

    guy.patching: I don’t know how many of those will make Day 2


    circadia: Oh hush
    There’s a 10% chance that a mini-faction runner will be in the top cut at worlds – over/under?

    ouroboros: under
    100% under, in fact

    nemamiah: Is zero less than ten?

    guy.patching: Under, but not zero
    More like 5
    And it’ll be Adam

    ouroboros: I mean real talk obviously not actually zero
    but less than 1 percent

    guy.patching: Adam with a “5% of the time” average run with a really solid corp day
    I can see that happening one time in every 20 or so times we run that simulation

    circadia: Guess Rufus is still thinking about his Special Reports and the glory days of Anarch, so we’ll move on

    ouroboros: under

    circadia: There’s a 50% chance that we’ll be getting full art Aumakua next year as it appears in the winning world’s deck – over/under?

    nemamiah: Over

    ouroboros: yeah over

    callmedutch: under

    guy.patching: Oh the Turtle.. Under

    ouroboros: Aumakua has so much representation across all factions

    circadia: I had to end it acknowledging our new Turtle overlords
    Like it might not even be that good but EVERYONE IS TALKING ABOUT IT

    guy.patching: I had to look up the card

    ouroboros: I struggle to believe that less than 50% of the decks in the cut will be on aumakua

    nemamiah: All hail The Great and Powerful Turtle

    guy.patching: Because it’s actually called “turtle”

    ouroboros: the only way this could happen imo is if some ridiculously good runner which doesn’t want turtle emerges
    and everyone switches to that
    which seems reasonably unlikely

    circadia: I bloody hope the final match is Aumakua vs. Moonspam CI
    Just so we can have both players installing Turtles
    and the commentators confusing everyone at home

    nemamiah: Hot turtle on turtle action

    circadia: Yeah… I think that’s definitely a wrap

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