U.S. Nationals 2016 : Finals – Game Two: Pālanā Foods vs. Whizzard – The Métropole Grid

After a decisive victory at the final table, lower bracket’s Josh Wilson pushes the series on to a second grand final game, as he now prepares for an attack on the servers of meta-mate and friend Eric Caoili’s rushing Pālanā Foods. A repeat of an earlier match-up in the top eight, in which Eric triumphed in knocking Josh down to the lower bracket, serves to give both players a sense of foreboding familiarity and an understanding of what must be done. Which of these two chummy Ohioans will prevail, and snatch the title of 2016 U.S. National Champion?

U.S. Nationals 2016 : Finals – Whizzard vs. Near-Earth Hub – The Métropole Grid

After an exciting top 8 double elimination tournament at the U.S. Nationals at Origins Game Fair, only two players are left sitting, now at the final table. These two friends from Ohio, upper bracket’s Eric Caoili, piloting his Wyldside Whizzard, and lower bracket finalist Josh Wilson, at the helm of his murderous Near-Earth Hub, must now face off once again, for the title of 2016 U.S. National Champion. Can Eric grab that shiny trophy with a single runner win, or will Josh be able to bring us to a second game?

U.S. Nationals 2016 : Top Eight – Game Three: Andromeda vs. Cerebral Imaging – The Métropole Grid

Game three of the U.S. Nationals at Origins Game Fair brings us a quite unique match-up: second-seed Ben Blum is at the helm of his 7-point Cerebral Imaging combo deck, as Eric Steiger and our favourite ex-ristie, Andromeda, refuses to relent with the hard siphons and accesses. Through the efficiency of discounted doubles, will the accelerated plans of Haas-Bioroid’s cerebral division come to fruition, or will our aggressive criminal runner sap not only credits, but also their minds?