Winter Kit – Game 5: Blue Sun vs. Chaos Theory – The Métropole Grid

Long time Montréal bluff-master and Jinteki player Dominic decides to show up to our Winter Kit with something a bit different than his usual dark red cards. With the unstoppable economy and heavy-duty ICE that comes with Weyland’s lunar power division, can Dom perform his tried-and-true Jinteki chicanery? Or will Jon’s financially solvent Chaos Theory make all the right calls, as she dances on the knife’s edge?

GNK – Settlers (10 players)

Tournament Winner: Matthew Addison Date: 2016-01-24 3 Dirty Laundry3 Sure Gamble3 Special Order3 Account Siphon2 Inside Job2 Emergency Shutdown3 Desperado1 Plascrete Carapace2 R&D Interface1 HQ Interface1 Mimic2 Corroder1 Gordian Blade1 Femme Fatale3 Faerie2 Datasucker1 Sneakdoor…

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