The Winning Agenda Episode FORTY!

Hello Everyone!

The FORTIETH episode of The Winning agenda is now live 🙂

Click here to check out the episode!

On our agenda:

Alternate Tournament Structure

– Host Brian Holland and Liam ‘Shielsy’ Prasad discuss alternative tournament structures. Netrunner is a very unique game, and many aspects of it make tournament design difficult. Shielsy has a few ideas on what could be done to eliminate problems that arise from the asymmetry, going to time, and points for draws.

Women in Netrunner

– Special Guest and avid Netrunner player Abby joins us from Portland, Oregon, to discuss her experiences as the only woman in a large gaming community. She shares with us some personal stories, as well as some ideas on what can be done to make the community (and gaming in general), a more welcoming place for women.




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