The Winning Agenda Anniversary SPECIAL!

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Episodes 51+52 are live!

On our agenda:

One-Year Super Exciting Anniversary Celebratory Special One-hour-Length Double Episode Feature!

It’s a TWA wrap-party! A big change of pace this week as the panelists take a moment to relax and reflect on the past year of Netrunner. A few tidbits:

– Look how long it is!
– The panelists recap their favourite decks from each faction this past year.
– A little TWA history lesson: We talk briefly on the inception of the podcast.
– Jesse leaves to answer the door at one point: What a Bagbiter!
– Tom Daniel returns from the wastes of the Judge Floor, and can’t help but try and talk about his favourite game DOOMTOWN whenever he gets the chance.
– Wilfy hints at an incoming ROBOT REVOLUTION.
– The panelists draft their 3 favourite cards from the past year.
– Each panelists talks about their biggest blunder in Netrunner in the past year.
– We make some special announcements and get very teary-eyed while thinking of all you amazing listeners.
– It’s also a super long and special episode!

We knows the content is a little different this week, so put your feet up, grab yourself a drink and celebrate with us!

We’ll be back to your regular programming next Monday!

Thanks for coming along for the ride so far everyone! For those of you interested in supporting us on Patreon, you can find the link here:

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