The Board plays… Peace In Our Time

So… 7 days, 7 updates.

Let’s take a brief moment to recap on what’s gone on over the last week. We’ve had…

And today is the final day of the update-a-thon. I, for one, am looking forward to a rest… but it’s not time for that yet! We’ve still a little bit of info pass your way.

Firstly, the “NISEI Comprehensive Rules Document” is now available – currently in PDF, but it’ll also be on our website soon. There’s a summary of changes at the top, which should do for most of us who aren’t Judges.

Secondly, as you may know if you’re well hot on the Tweeter, @alsciende has handed over development of NRDB to NISEI. Rest assured, we value it as a community tool as much as you do so you can trust that we’ll treat his legacy with the respect and love it deserves! This is why there was a small amount of downtime earlier, but we think all of the teething issues in it’s new home are fixed.

Third-and-lastly, this will (probably) be our last post on Stimhack. We’ve appreciated the Stimhack crew giving us a home while ours was built, but I’ve noticed that we’ve kinda overtaken the site with our articles and that’s not really fair to the other people who post here. If you want us to keep posting links in the attached forums, shout out in the comments!

And with that, I’m going to go build my decks ready for Charity Gift IV – I’ve got Steve Cambridge and Potential Unleashed, so I’d better remember my potato for the big day. Come back Friday for our monthly Community Champion post (and if you don’t know who it is, it probably won’t be much of a surprise anyway) and usual Other Business shenanigans, until then…

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