OCTGN Netrunner Alpha League End Event

The OCTGN Netrunner Alpha League End Event is currently in progress.

To mark the end of the event, Shobalk has created a modified tournament. There will be a Corporate Team and a Runner team comprised of the best players from within each faction. Additionally, there will be 1 floating runner represented by the highest ranked player not already among the field. This player may chose their faction before matchups are decided. Matchups will be chosen one at a time starting with the corp team, followed by the runners, and finally again by the corp.

The matches will have the following format:

– Best of 3 games wins the match. No prestige.
– You must keep your faction, but may change your deck between games!
– C&C Legal
– No time limit.

If there is a tie after all 4 matches have been played, each team will elect a representative that will compete in one final match to decide the winner.

The first videos from the league are up now!

Running_Bear (highest ranked, choosing Crimnal) vs Hobb33 (Haas-Bioroid)

Game 1:

Game 2:

Kiv6 (Shaper) vs Mtgred (Weyland)

Game 1:

Game 2:

Game 3:

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