Netrunner Invitational, Starts Broadcasting July 7th

Hollis from BoardGameGeek has been planning a small event for the past few weeks, inspired by Jopejope’s Jinteki-Sponsored Tournament. For this event, a handful of prominent members of the Netrunner community were invited to participate in a tournament meant to showcase promising deck designs that the participants currently feel are under-represented within Netrunner discussion.

This Tournament will be single-elimination format, last three rounds, and will be played over three weeks. All games will be recorded, commented, and made available for viewing and discussion on a weekly basis (Sunday afternoons, PST).

Eight players are currently participating. They were invited based on one of two criterion:

1. Distinguishing contribution or involvement within the Netrunner community.
2. Distinguishing contribution or application of Netrunner strategy.

Four players from each of the two categories are currently participating:

Asroybal – Regular A:NR video streamer
Dbzer0 – OCTGN A:NR plugin developer; maintainer of the OCTGN dataset; A:NR video series
Shobalk – Organizer of the BGG OCTGN league
Tuism – Actively involved BGG community member

AlexFrog – Active A:NR theory and strategy writer
Jopejope – Author of multiple high-rated A:NR strategy articles; 1st place at 2013 SoCal regionals
Orange Devil – Runner up in both BGG OCTGN Tournaments (64 person and 128 person fields)
Sydwys8 – GenCon ’12 Icebreaker tournament winner

Each player was requested to bring a runner deck and a corporation deck that they thought:

1. Showed promise as a competitive deck
2. Was relatively under-represented within Netrunner discussion


3. Took a well-established deck archetype and created a substantial variation of it

Game commentary will be provided by Hollis, SneakySly, and Kordan11. As players are eliminated, they will also be invited to do commentary on subsequent rounds.

The first round of videos will be available here and in the BGG thread, Sunday July 7th, 2pm PST!

Round 1 Pairings

Tuism vs. Sydwys8
Dbzer0 vs. AlexFrog
Shobalk vs. Jopejope
Asroybal vs. Orange Devil

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