ANR Pro Circuit Official Announcement

The following message is brought to you by the ANR Pro Circuit. Our website with our calendar of events and information about the organization can be found here:

It is with great sadness that the ANR Pro Circuit must report that we cannot offer our Circuit winners a trip to FFG Worlds Weekend as a Grand Prize.  FFG has changed how they run their Worlds Weekend this year; an announcement that came after the ANRPC had already started its Circuits.  This change means that there will now be a hard cap on total attendance for the event, with tickets selling well ahead of time.  Also, and most obstructive, you cannot purchase a ticket and transfer it to someone else.  These new restrictions mean the ANRPC has no way to assure the winning players a seat in the event.

We have exhausted all options to negotiate any compromise or solution with FFG at this time.  The ANRPC suggested the following solutions to FFG for 2015: reserving one seat per Circuit, allowing the ANRPC to purchase seats and transfer them to the winners of our divisions when tickets are released, and finally simply allowing us to reserve a single seat for out BABW (UK) Circuit as their travel expenses are excessive.  Sadly, FFG did not find any of these suggestions tenable and declined. Though we are disappointed, we recognize the logistical challenge inherent in organizing such a large event and urge everyone to continue to support FFG’s World Championship weekend.

Our only recourse at this time is to allow each individual Circuit to decide how they would like to offer their respective Circuit Championship Grand prize, either a cash prize that we hope they can use to pay their way to the FFG Worlds Weekend event or travel assistance for 2016 Worlds.  However, if a player was hoping to only earn their way to the event and not pre-register with FFG, that individual will likely not have a seat at the event.  At this point it is commonly believed that the FFG Worlds event will sell out well ahead of the conclusion of any of our Circuits.

We genuinely apologize to anyone who has competed in the ANRPC and finds this solution to be unreasonable.  We are a fan-organized group of enthusiasts trying to popularize an amazing game and grow our player base.  The ANRPC’s guiding light is to provide a fantastic play experience with great prizes and unique benefits to its players.  If you want to get involved, please do.  If you have an idea on how we can improve, please share it with us.

Thank You,


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