Netrunner Down Under – 2015 Adelaide Regionals – Grand Final – Alex v Jesse

This is it! For all the chips, all the marbles, for all the glory, and the bye at nationals! Alex and Jesse face off for the third time, with Jesse having an all important one game advantage in this final match! Can Alex come back from a one game deficit and win the regional for Adelaide, or will Jesse win the Adelaide regional for a second year running? Time to finally find out!

GNK – Munich (Germany) (9 players)

Tournament Winner: Tradon Date: 2015-07-11 Noise Virus Suite X v2ID: NoiseProgramms2x Clot3x Cache2x D4v1d3x Datasucker3x Crypsis2x Medium3x Parasite3x ImpHardware2x Cyberfeeder 2x Grimoire 2x Clone ChipRessources3x Aesop’s Pawnshop2x Earthrise Hotel1x Hades Shard1x Utopia Shard3x Daily CastsEvents3x…

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