Wait, Wait… Don’t Run Me! Season 1 Episode 4


“Hello everyone! We’re back with an all new episode.
This week we go back to the beginning of time and ask questions revolving around Core set cards. How well do you know your Core Set? Tune in and find out!

Corwin Brindley Judge/Scorekeeper: Ross Prather

Vincent Perry (Co-host of SanSan South Podcast)

Liz Malette (Lizrrdbreath)

Andrew Barrett (Chill84)

This week’s games include:

Under the Influence – Tell me the influence value of the named card.

Runnericks – Netrunner themed limericks.

Flavor Finder – Name the Card based on the flavor text.

Lightning Round – Answer as many questions as possible in the time provided. This episode we ran out of questions. Luckily we only had to improvise for 1 question.


Music included in the show is used with express written permission from “The Baldwin Brothers”, an amazing lounge/electro group. Check them out on Itunes.

Clip included is from the movie “The Core”. Try and find all the “core” references in this very-core-set episode!”


Ice Analyzer Podcast: Episode 1 The Accessible Episode


“Mat and Martin discuss Netrunner! This episode is aimed to give a little 101-level discussion of what we love about Netrunner, a few insights into our preferred corps and runners, and some general chat about the mechanics which we like the most. We’re hoping to gradually ramp up the complexity as we get further in, so this is a good place to start if you’re interested in Why We Like Netrunner So Dang Much!”